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  • Hello all, I am happy to see the warmer temperatures. I don't mind the rain, and I hear it will be almost 60 degrees outside next week. Hooray! One step forward, two steps back. Such are the words that describe my financial progress this week.  I wish I could tell you that I had managed to save a colossal amount of money by now. However, I can't tell you that because it's not true.  This week, I deposited $25 to my savings account, and then I completely emptied my account when I needed to transfer money in order to pay my bills. It happens. As I said last week, bills... Read More
  • Maybe this blog should’ve been more at the beginning of my series, but there are so many things to touch base on at the beginning of the semester! Roommate living is a situation that you have to deal with all semester. Sometimes you get lucky and live with people you end up liking, or you live with close friends. Other times, you might not care much for who you’re sharing a space with, but there are ways to live in harmony with your roommate, whether you’re in the dorms or off campus. 1.Communication No, you and your roommate are not in a serious committed relationship (... Read More
  • Many successful entrepreneurs say the success of their startup not only depended on the idea and their management, but mostly on the team they formed. Reid Hoffman said, “No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.” This makes it quite clear that forming the right team is the first step to building a strong and sustainable company. So how does one build a right time and make the decision of which people to hire and which ones not to? First of all, you (and your co-founders) should have a very honest... Read More
  • Happy spring! It's been so great to see sunshine, cherry blossoms, and farmers markets up and running around Montpellier. As the weather warms up, the students here are heading to outdoor cafes after class and planning hikes and beach trips on the weekends. It's nice to enjoy the weather, but now more than ever I'm trying to stay organized as my schedule starts to fill up.  We're more than halfway through the semester now, which means it's time to start picking classes for next semester and thinking about final papers and projects. The best part of spring always seems to... Read More
  • Hello, all.  This week has been going by really quickly so far, as the busy weeks tend to. Monday was the first day of spring, and I am still waiting for that warmer weather to start. I hope I start to see some flowers soon. Lillies are my favorite flower, but I like tulips and daisies too. Maybe I'll get to see one of those soon on campus. If you're curious to see what kinds of flowers can be found at Arches National Park, here is the link to that page on their website.  I am disappointed to report that I have not reached my goal for this week's budget. Disappointed, ... Read More
  • Ryan’s Question: How many people do you meet that say that college was the best four years of their life? Amberly’s Answer: If I’ll be one hundred percent honest, not a lot — in terms of people closer to my age, at least. A lot of the time, whenever I hear the words “college was the best four years of my life,” it’s from people our parents’ age. Those are the people who tend to talk to me the most about college. I’m not sure a whole lot of my fellow students see it as the “best four years of their life.” This is for a variety of reasons. There are many people I know who... Read More
  • Hello, all! How is your spring break going?  I'm home from my trip to D.C., and I'm watching the snow storm outside, thinking about how excited I am for spring to start, mostly because the weather will be warmer and the flowers will start blooming.  I was lucky enough to see some of the cherry blossom trees that had already started blooming this weekend. I definitely had a lot of fun, and additional highlights of the two days were:  Painting with my sister  Seeing the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives  Seeing works at the... Read More
  •   Here we are, in the middle of the semester. Time flies by so quickly! If you’re like me, odds are you’re starting to feel the stress of school creeping up on you. Homework, internships, not sleeping — it’s all a lot. But there are some easy ways to deal with stress as a college student! 1. Go home If you have the ability to, go home and see your family and close friends! Sometimes, not having those closest to you can stress you out. They can offer you peace when you need it the most. And with spring break coming up, now is the perfect time to reconnect. 2. Go to the... Read More
  • Studying abroad has definitely challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone. After two and a half years at UMass, I know the important things, like what to expect from classes, how to print at the library, and where to find (almost) everything on our huge campus. Now I'm learning how everything works at the French univeristy, and there have definitely been some ups and downs as I adapt. My history class really intimidated me at first, because I'm one of only two Americans in a class full of French students. The professor talks really fast and without using... Read More
  • Ryan’s Question: Would you change anything about how you prepared for college, anything from the college application process to orientation to expectations you had in your head? Amberly’s Answer: A lot of tours have been passing through South College lately, as high school juniors (like you, of course…) start to consider colleges and high school seniors start to narrow down to their final college decision, so I figured now was a more appropriate time than ever to answer this question. The short answer to this question is yes, I would. I would change a lot of the things I... Read More


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