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  • It's already December and we're in the last two weeks of classes! Can you believe it? Even though the semester is ending soon, it's going to be busy. Sometimes it's the last few weeks that are the toughest. There are so many finals, papers, and projects ahead! I know myself, and I know that I'm not very productive when I try to do work at home. So this week I'll be bringing my laptop to campus each day and finding places to study. The library's a great homework spot, of course, but I also really like the dining halls at Hamp and Frank. There's a good amount of background... Read More
  • Hello, everyone! How was your Thanksgiving break? I was happy to get some rest and enjoy time with family. Now we've come back to school, and I am refreshed, and ready to work, work, work.  It's hard to believe that I'm graduating in just a couple of weeks. The next seventeen days will be full of projects, presentations, and papers, but now that we've come to the end of November/beginning of December, I can start to see the finish line approaching, one project completed at a time. It still feels like I only just started college. When I graduated from high school, I spent... Read More
  • Co-authored by Hannah Depin, Jessica Gindelsky, and Matthew Hlady. We hope everyone had a great week! We wanted to share with you 11 things we were most grateful for this Thanksgiving! 1. Pie, pie, pie! Blogger Jessica was particularly happy to eat her mom's homemade apple-cherry pie.  2. As authors Marie and Hannah mentioned in a previous Thanksgiving post detailing how to make the most of your Thanksgiving break: Bringing home all the laundry! (free free free laundry!)  3. Cranberry sauce!  4. All the truly delicious food:  5. The Thanksgiving Day Parade!... Read More
  • So … Class selection … For those of you who have not undergone this before, you will soon discover that this is perhaps the most stressful time of the year, vying for first with finals. On the bright side, you can take a good week to prepare, and then class selection lasts for all of five minutes. On the downside, classes fill up fast, every course you need seems to be scheduled for the same time, SPIRE doesn’t want to process your request, professors aren’t answering your requests for overrides, the one class you need to graduate got cancelled ... Okay. Take a breath... Read More
  • One thousand nine hundred twenty-six days ago — a six-year period — an event took place that changed my life forever, and sealed my fate. It was on this day that my perspective on the world was shattered into pieces, lost to history and packed away in the same fashion that the only remaining mementos of my childhood were —abandoned to be auctioned in our foreclosed home. This day was the impetus for my character change, as I shed my childhood innocence born of a sheltered middle-class lifestyle, and instead evolved into someone calculated, perceptive, and haunted, yet... Read More
  • Hello, all!  How was your weekend? I hope you had a good one. As it gets colder and I experience regret for not bringing my winter boots back from home a couple weeks ago, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my semester so far. Midterms may be over, but as many of us know, when Thanksgiving break is over, final exams pop up quickly. I am hoping that I will be able to prepare for exams and write my papers over the week-long break we'll have. Aside from going home for the week, I won't be doing any additional travel next week, and probably not any long-distance travel... Read More
  • How is it that Thanksgiving break is only a few days away? Time is flying! There's always a lot going on in November and a lot of things to plan for. This week I'm thinking about traveling home for the holiday, putting together a Friendsgiving here at school and, of course, choosing classes for next semester.  Course selection is in full swing now. As a senior, that means I've enrolled in classes for the last time at UMass! As I put together my schedule for next spring, I thought about Marie's advice for choosing courses. How do I want to spend my last semester in college... Read More
  • I think that we’ve all suffered loss. It might have been a favorite uncle, your grandparents, the dog; any number of things. It happens to almost all of us and almost all of us say that we feel the same thing. When loss hits, there’s a hollowness in your chest. Everything is muted for a while. Colors, touch, music, everything. It all seems less vibrant and that, in itself, can make the feeling worse. For some people, the best way of dealing with this is by taking time to themselves, maybe to reflect, maybe to distract themselves, maybe to hold themselves together. My... Read More
  • Hello, all.  As you may know from my recent blog posts, I was in St. Louis this past weekend. I have great news to report; of the $50 I had budgeted to spend while in the Midwest, I only spent $10 - and that was for snacks for the plane. I am really happy about this.  Temperatures in St. Louis were actually colder last weekend than in Boston - an unusual occurence since St. Louis is southwest of Boston. The weekend was truly excellent - full of delicious food, time with wonderful people, and lots of fun. For those of you who haven't already been there, I would recommend... Read More
  • As you may have noticed, climate change has decided to drop by for a visit and screw with everyone. Last week, we were waking to temperatures in the 50s, gliding mists vanishing like ghosts in the morning light. By lunch time, we were looking at 72 degrees and folks taking out their frisbees and crop-tops. This week decided that it’s going to stick with a theme and that is “Mid September,” a.k.a. “Unpleasant.” Personally, I rather enjoy the rain, especially when it’s this warm. It feels … cleansing. Invigorating, even. What neither I nor anyone else I know likes,... Read More


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