Meet Our Honors InSight Bloggers

Claire has a passion for writing and reading, and nearly any form of visual art. She listens to music more or less at all times of the day that she is not in class. Claire's life goal is to travel the world, and work in investigative journalism and social work before pursuing a career in politics. Currently, she is studying Arabic abroad through the CET Intensive Language Program at the University of Jordan, in Amman, Jordan. In the Spring she will study at the University of Havana in Havana, Cuba. On campus, Claire is a part of a couple clubs that she will return to her senior year--among which Sisters on the Runway, the Prison Abolition Collective, Student Bridges and writing for the Daily Collegian.

Dan is a current sophomore and marketing major at the CHC. He enjoys being a beat writer for the Daily Collegian student newspaper, as well as a member of the ultimate frisbee team.  In his free time, he enjoys making sketch comedy videos with his friends, listening to music, and playing with dogs.

Former Student Bloggers

Hannah is a Communications Assistant at the Commonwealth Honors College. She is a senior studying Journalism and minoring in Education and French.  In her free time, Hannah loves to read and write, try out new recipes in tiny dorm kitchens, and explore new restaurants, hiking spots, and museums in the UMass area.

As a sophomore studying a wide range of disciplines - from Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, to English, to Spanish, to Political Science - Tim is very much undecided on where he will head in his academic future. In addition to being an honors blogger, Tim is a Senator in the Student Government Association in the Social Justice and Empowerment Committee for the Class of 2020, writes for the Daily Collegian, works in a food science lab, and has recently taken up fencing. Tim is passionate about activism, with a focus in advocating for the homeless and the poor, but also for students of other marginalized communities and backgrounds.


Jessica is a senior at the CHC this year. After transferring from the University of Connecticut, this is Jessica's third year here at UMass Amherst. She is an avid reader and likes all types of cheesecake. In addition to the work Jessica does as a Communications Assistant for the Commonwealth Honors College here at UMass, she also is a member of several different clubs and organizations here on campus. When she's not in class or at work, Jessica likes to paint, watch cooking shows, and travel to new places. 

Sabrina Victor is a senior theater and journalism major, and a transfer student, also pursuing the multicultural theater certificate and a member of the honors college. She loves to perform and is an avid participant in the UMass theater department. She is sharpening up her writing chops in the journalism department and is super happy to have her own blog. She's also an office assistant at the FAC Box Office. After graduation she hopes to continue acting, preferably on Broadway, and explore entertainment journalism on the side. She wouldn't mind being a correspondent for an outlet like E! News. She loves to sing, act, and dance. For her honors thesis, she plans to write her own play, then mount and direct it.

Anastasia is a driven Honors student majoring in Management with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at the Isenberg School of Management. She was born and raised in Germany and moved to the U.S. five years ago. Currently, she is a junior and works at the Learning Resource Center. After graduating with her BBA, she is planning on completing her MBA as well. One of her biggest passions is traveling. A while back she took a year off and traveled on her own to Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and the west and east coast of the US to learn more about other cultures and widen her horizon. Check out her Instagram account “TravelTenderness” to see her beautiful travel photography. Anastasia enjoys being in nature and uses her free time to go on adventures to explore more of the area. On a typical Sunday, she cuddles her cat “Alibi,” and watches too many TED talks.

Marie is a junior in Commonwealth Honors College studying political science and legal studies. She is an Assistant News Editor for the Massachusetts Daily Collegian where she enjoys covering stories on state and local politics.  She also enjoys working on community service projects with the Political Science Honors Society Pi Sigma Alpha.  Outside of the University, Marie has worked as an intern for the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office. After gradution, she plans to obtain her J.D. and use her legal expertise to make the judical system more accessible and equitable for people regardless of income, gender, or race. When she’s not out looking for her next story, Marie spends as much time as she can reading on the beach back home.  

Emily is a senior Honors student studying Marketing in the Isenberg School of Management. Currently, she is an Isenberg Twitter Ambassador, Teaching Assistant for Fundamentals of Marketing, and Vice President of Marketing at the Isenberg Undergraduate Consulting Group. During her free time, Emily likes to drink tea and catch up on the latest episodes of Scandal, Downton Abbey, or Big Bang Theory. She also loves to craft and go on spontaneous adventures with friends. Feel free to contact her with any questions regarding a student’s perspective of CHC and UMass.

Matthew has only a vague idea of what he wants to do with his life. He is pursuing English and an interdisciplinary examination of western laws and ethics because those are the subjects that he loves. His end-game is to become a novelist and in the meantime writes short stories for whoever will read them and is working on his first book. His fiction has appeared in “Down In The Dirt,” “The Quick Brown Fox,” and “The Bowsprit.” A voracious learner, Matt wishes to experience everything from academia to traveling and various jobs in order to become a more balanced and worldly person. What he misses most from home and what he thinks about every day is his dog, Thurber. His parents are probably somewhere in hiss mind too, but he’s not too sure.

Emily is a Communications Assistant and member of the Commonwealth Honors College with an anticipated graduation in 2016. She is studying History and Digital Humanities through BDIC program. During her time at UMass Amherst, she has served as a research assistant within the UMass History department, participated in Team Mead, and interned at UMass Press, all the while exploring her interest in public history. Outside of the university, Emily has also interned for the Rhode Island Historical Society and the New Bedford Whaling Museum. In her spare time, Emily enjoys visiting museums large and small, as well as conquering her ever-growing to-read list.  

Zac is a senior at the University. He is pursuing dual degrees in political science and economics. Zac is the Opinion & Editorial Editor of the Massachusetts Daily Collegian, a copy editor, and a Collegian columnist with a column running every other week for the 2014-2015 school year. He has interned in the United States Senate for Senator John Kerry and at Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications in Boston. Zac is a member of Commonwealth Honors College. He also enjoys National Public Radio, The Washington Post, The Economist, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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