Fri, 10/26/2018

"I thought it was real tip-top,” sophomore and Wicked Pitch a cappella group member Douglass Appleman said. “Real tip top event with all the food and the kind of energy.”

Appleman, who performed with his group, was reflecting on the Commonwealth Honor College’s hosting of “An Afternoon of Live Music,” an annual opportunity for students to show off their musical talent. This year, performers, musicians, a cappella groups, and students looking to wind down from a long weekend (and a longer week of midterm exams) gathered outside of Roots Cafe to enjoy music performed by their peers. This event also provides a way for students to connect with other musicians on their passion for music. It gives students who might not have many musical outlets in between their studies a fun and casual chance to perform.

Many students, like sophomore and animal science major Jinyu Chen, performed original songs, enjoying what Chen described as a “great setting; very casual, not stressful.”

“I get nervous, so I think it’s helpful that it’s such a stress-free setting,” said Chen. “It makes me feel more comfortable just walking out there and thinking ‘I’m not going to entertain people; I’m just going to share a song that I like.’”

Jinyu Chen 

Students sat on the steps facing the field where microphones and instruments were set up for the performers. Popcorn, a cotton candy machine, and apple cider was on offer to spectators — the food suiting the cool fall weather.

“I like the outdoor venue a lot, not a lot of events are like that,” added Wicked Pitch member Ben Nadelsteim, who is a communications and theatre double major with a minor in music. “I like that you can wander in, wander out, see people — I like the flexibility.”

Spectators passed by and paused throughout the two-hour music sessions, soaking in the music as they headed to and from their dorms and Roots Cafe. Some students watched from nearby dorms, taking a study break to look out their windows at their performing peers.

“When you said annual, my spirits just really perked up,” Appleman said. “[Wicked Pitch] would love for this to be an annual thing.”

Jake Yankee, a junior majoring in natural resource conservation, on guitar