Fri, 01/25/2019


It is with great excitement that Commonwealth Honors College announces the winners of the #MyHonorsThesis Video Contest. While there were many great videos, three stood out based on their popularity among Commonwealth Honors College students, faculty, and staff.

  1. Edwood Brice

Edwood Brice is a senior Informatics major. For his honors thesis, he is looking at step count and intensity between virtual reality exercising and traditional exercising. Through his honors thesis, Edwood hopes to see if there are potential alternatives to traditional exercising with newfound technology.

  1. Michael Crowley

Michael Crowley is a senior who is studying integrated environmental education through the Bachelor’s Degree with Individualized Concentration (BDIC) program. For his honors thesis, he is looking at how conservation policies in New England were created and implemented, and the effects they have on Indigenous populations.

  1. Oressa Gray-Mullen

Oressa Gray-Mullen is a Communication major. For her honors thesis, she is creating a documentary on how international schools in Hong Kong allow for the multiple cultures to exist and flourish together, and how, consequently, this affects approaches to science education.

During the 2018 fall semester, Commonwealth Honors College held the first #MyHonorsThesis Video Contest. Students were encouraged to make a video that explained their honors thesis in 45 seconds or less. Some suggestions CHC had for students were to share the impact of the research journey on them, relate their work to their passions, talk in multiple translations, and do a cartwheel. The top three videos were given prizes for their efforts.

If you missed your chance to participate in the #MyHonorsThesis Video Contest, please look for other opportunities during the spring.