Tue, 09/13/2016

Emilio Alvarez Flores, a Commonwealth Honors College alumnus, graduated in May 2016 with two degrees, one in economics and the other in operations and information management. 

A few months later, he was a published researcher.

The Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Trasportation journal published a paper Flores co-authored with CHC economics professor Ceren Soylu and Isenberg School of Management professor Anna Nagurney, regarding humanitarian relief.

Both Soylu and Nagurney supervised Flores while he completed his honors thesis, for which he received the Honors Dean's Award. Flores presented his research at the Massachusetts Statewide Undergraduate Research Conference last year. 

The paper, "A Generalized Nash Equilibrium network model for post-disaster humanitarian relief," looks at post-disaster relief provided by non-governmental organizations. The authors used Hurricane Katrina in a theoretical case study in order to apply the model they developed.

The paper's abstract explains that, "NGOs derive utility from providing relief supplies to victims of the disaster at demand points in a supply chain complex while competing with each other for financial funds provided by donations."

Transportation Research Part E publishes articles on a wide spectrum of logistics and transportation research.