Mon, 09/12/2016

Connolly Ryan, a poet and senior lecturer in Commonwealth Honors College, discussed his poem, "Of All The Worlds" in an interview with The Recorder.

Ryan's poem explores both the wonders of the world we live in and the horrors, specifically discussing the Orlando nightclub massacre that happened in June.

He told The Recorder, his poem "Of All the Worlds" along with his poem "Any Rain," share "a hopeful surge of solidarity with the rest of the world, even though, both in this poem and in the real world, sorrow and terror are everywhere afoot.”

He added that, “There is a bellicose urgency to (“Of All the Worlds”) that I feel is an important conversation to have: every living entity on this planet is always vulnerable because we are, in small or large ways, all under attack (either by actual predators or our own hubris)."

“Every time I write, I just want to become more intimate with my place in this world,” Ryan said.

Ryan will be a featured reader Tuesday, September 13, at Déja Word, an open mic series held every second Tuesday at Déja Brew Pub & Café, 57 Lockes Village Road in Wendell. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for open mic sign-up, with a 7:00 p.m. start.