Thu, 03/22/2018

Professor Paul Musgrave, assistant professor and Commonwealth Honors College professor in political science, was recently consulted for an article in The New York Times, “Users Abandon Facebook After Cambridge Analytica Findings.”

The article examines political data firm Cambridge Analytica’s previous culling and use of Facebook users’ private data, without users’ consent or knowledge. The social media data was used as a means to influence and sway users for political means. After the news broke, more and more Facebook users have been deleting their accounts. Musgrave gives his insight from his experiences as both a professor and a son who helped his mother campaign for a government position in Indiana.

"This is a company that has Orwellian levels of data about us, truly Big Brother-level, but it’s behaving as if it has no social responsibility and is a purely neutral medium of communication,” he said. "That’s what’s really been scary.”

Musgrave received his Ph.D. in government from Georgetown University and studies U.S. foreign policy, international relations theory, and how oil revenues change political institutions.