Tue, 04/17/2018

Commonwealth Honors College junior Michael Crowley has been awarded the prestigious Udall Scholarship for environmental studies. The Udall Scholarship is a national award that recognizes fifty students from across the country who will dedicate their careers to the environment or Native American public policy.

Crowley studies Integrated Environmental Education at UMass Amherst through the Bachelor’s Degree with Individualized Concentration (BDIC) program. He plans to work in the Massachusetts Community Compact Initiative to implement educational, environmental management, and well-being initiatives. Previously, Crowley has worked as a forest and park supervisor at Moore State Park in Paxton, Mass., as a project leader at the Star Wildlife Sanctuary in Boylston, Mass., and as a naturalist teacher at Mass Audubon.

The Udall Scholarship recognizes fifty students from more than 500 applicants representing 200 colleges. It is named for Morris and Stewart Udall, who worked to impact Native American self-governance and health care, as well as stewardship of public lands and natural resources. UMass Amherst’s most recent Udall Scholar was recognized in 2005.

Office of National Scholarship Advisement Director Madalina Akli is proud of Michael’s success in being awarded a Udall Scholarship. Dr. Akli added, “Michael has also been accepted to the master’s program in public policy at UMass Amherst, and he will be attending the Udall Conference in Tucson, Arizona, to meet with other Udall scholars and interact with community leaders in environmental fields, tribal health care, and governance.”