Fri, 04/05/2019

Our legal system, and law school itself, holds a grand mystique that any would find intimidating. So, if Commonwealth Honors College and UMass’s Pre-Law Advising Office’s networking event, Meet the Law, reminds you of speed dating, that’s intentional. Through connecting current UMass students with alumni who now work in the legal field, CHC and the UMass Pre-Law Advising Office hope students learn what that path actually entails.

Students split off into groups and got to talk to each alumnus/alumna for about fifteen minutes before the bell rung and the group moved onto the next one. During those fifteen minutes, questions came up for everything from a typical day in the courtroom to tips for preparing for the LSAT. The alumni who attended the event were:

  • Jeremy Bucci ’98 (Political Science) – Chief Trial Counsel, Northwest District Attorney’s Office
  • Zachary Broughton ’14 (Political Science, Legal Studies) – 3L at Western New England University School of Law, Editor-in-Chief of the Western New England Law Review
  • Josh Grammell ’10 (Political Science) – Staff Attorney, Committee on Public Counsel Services
  • Regina Hurley ’81 (BDIC) – Partner at Verrill Dana
  • Samantha Ryan ’12 (English, Spanish) – Associate Attorney, Ropes and Gray

Juliana Madden, a sociology and political science major, found Meet the Law to be very informative. “It gave me great insight on my intended field, which is family law. Talking to Regina, and just learning about her job and her experience in family court, was absolutely amazing for me. It made me so excited that I picked this field to pursue.”

“I very much enjoyed attending Meet the Law,” alumna Samantha Ryan said after the event, “especially having attended when I was a student. Networking is an important part of a legal career, so having the opportunity to practice networking with alums right on campus is a really useful opportunity.”

In addition to Meet the Law, Ryan also is grateful to the Honors College at large and how it has helped her thrive. “Writing my CHC thesis helped prepare me for legal research, in the ability to both handle a large volume of material and distill findings into salient points. When I was interviewing for jobs at law firms, many attorneys asked about my thesis topic and the experience of researching and writing it.”