Thu, 09/29/2016

Susan Krauss Whitbourne,  professor of psychological and brain science and director of the Office of National Scholarship Advisement, was featured on CTV News on September 23. In a segment about the Toronoto Blue Jays, Whitbourne explained the range of emotions that baseball fans experience throughout the highs and lows of playoff season.

"Life can definitely be stressful for the ardent fan of any sports team, but particularly for one where you haven't had as many of the highs as one would like. It is stressful but it's also fun," she said. 

Whitbourne offered suggestions for passionate fans who want to enjoy the rest of the season, even when their team is losing more than winning. She  went on to explain that fans should try to enjoy the remainder of the season above all else. "Have fun, enjoy it, and really focus on the beauty of the game," she said. "There is always hope because there is the eternal next season always coming."