Fri, 02/22/2019

During the summer of 2018, Rachel Haley '19 traveled to San Domingo to begin the first leg of her research with the help of the Frank and Helen DiGiammarino Scholarship. This particular scholarship, started by the DiGiammarino family in honor of their parents, assists students who plan to pursue a community-engaged learning or research experience. 

A student pursuing the Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration (BDIC) in Global Health and Latin American studies, Haley is comparing the health care experiences of residents of the Dominican Republic with those of first-generation immigrants from the D.R. to the United States. Haley was inspired to do this for her Honors Thesis when she found out her friend's father, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic became ill after moving to the United States.

Haley plans on conducting research through interviews with 10 people in each city and sitting with each person for two interviews. “The second interviews are almost always more meaningful,” she explains. “People leave, and reflect on their experiences, or they go talk to their community, which is what I had hoped, and then report back to me. The process was both incredibly difficult and incredibly hopeful. I was in awe of the stories and topics I was able to uncover.”

Applications this year for the Frank and Helen DiGiammarino Scholarship are open until February 28th.

To learn more about Haley's research, read the article here.