Mon, 12/03/2018

Twelve researchers at UMass Amherst are being recognized for being among the world’s most highly cited researchers in 2018. Commonwealth Honors College would like to extend congratulations to all the researchers, particularly:

  • Hang Xiao, Department of Food Science
  • Daniela Calzetti, Department of Astronomy
  • Derek Lovley, Department of Microbiology
  • Baoshan Xing, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, Department of Chemistry
  • Vincent Rotello, Department of Chemistry
  • David Julian McClements, Department of Food Science
  • Yeonhwa Park, Department of Food Science

Xiao is the Honors Program Director for the Department of Food Science, and all of the researchers above have mentored and worked with CHC students through their Honors Thesis and/or Honors Independent Study.

The list is analyzed and curated by Clarivate Analytics, owner of Web of Science, an online database of scientific research findings. The scientists who were recognized are in the top one percent by citations for their academic field and year.

“The advancement of scientific endeavor represents a critical activity for individual research institutions and entire nations," said Annette Thomas, CEO of the Clairvate Analytics scientific and academic research group. "The Highly Cited Researchers 2018 list helps to identify researchers who are having the greatest impact on the research community, as measured by the rate at which their work is being cited by others, and that contributes so greatly to extending the frontier and gaining knowledge and innovations for society — contributions that make the world healthier, safer, richer, and more sustainable.”

Read more about the researchers here.