Wed, 09/07/2016

On Friday, September 2, Commonwealth Honors College welcomed its six hundred members of the Class of 2020.

The new arrivals moved into campus housing, many of them into the Honors Residential Community and then attended the Honors Induction Ceremony at the Fine Arts Center. There, students and their family members were greeted with the live music of a jazz quarter and welcomed by CHC Dean Gretchen H. Gerzina and honors senior Meghan Berry.

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Carol Barr, College of Natural Sciences Dean Steven Goodwin, and English Professor as well as CHC parent Stephen Clingman all delivered remarks also.

Dean Gerzina, promising an epoch of self-discovery, said, "This is only the beginning, yet you are at the precipice of a life of discovery, inquiry, questioning—and of unexpected answers that will cause you to rethink what you think you know." She continued, "We want you to take chances, to approach your experiences with an open mind, and to embrace all the wonderful opportunities that UMass and the Honors College will open for you."

Meghan Berry, a senior studying public health, assured the new students that CHC will help take the ideals of "curiosity, compassion, hard work, and a desire to know more about the world" a step further. The resources that CHC offers, she said, "will maximize your potential, but your success hinges on your choices. I hope you will choose wisely, refuse to quit, and overcome obstacles with the help of your community of supporters here at CHC."

CHC students join 4,000 more first-years arriving at the university this year. The average SAT score for entering honors students is 1343 and their high school GPA is 4.27.