Students must submit their Honors Thesis or Project manuscripts to 1) their faculty sponsors for grading and 2) the Commonwealth Honors College office for forwarding to the University Archives and receipt of Commonwealth Honors College credentials.

Grading Deadline

The most important Honors Thesis or Project deadline is the deadline that students work out with their Honors Thesis or Project instructors for course completion and grading.  For both individually contracted and seminar Honors Theses and Projects, students must meet their instructors’ expectations and timelines. The instructors will align their policies with those of their departments and the Undergraduate Registrar’s office. INCs are granted for extenuating circumstances only; students may not assume that extensions of any kind will be granted.

Commonwealth Honors College Credential Deadlines

The Honors Thesis or Project manuscript and any affiliated artifacts must be submitted to the Honors College for students to qualify for Commonwealth Honors College credentials. The manuscript must be accompanied by a completed "Honors Thesis/Project Completion Form" or "Honors Thesis/Project Seminar Completion Form." Approved manuscripts and materials will be forwarded to the University of Massachusetts Amherst Archives for permanent inclusion in the collection of undergraduate honors research.

Honors Thesis/Project materials may be submitted to the Honors College office at any time, however, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • Submissions on or before the last day of classes will allow students sufficient time to obtain faculty signatures and correct any formatting problems identified by the Honors College prior to their departure from campus.  It also allows the Honors College ample time to determine honors credentials and honors clearance status prior to the Undergraduate Registrar’s deadline for graduation clearances.
  • Submissions on or after the last day of exams typically produce a flood of manuscripts, far too many to be screened for problems prior to each student's departure from campus. Students who choose to submit their manuscripts at this time must be scrupulous about adhering to the Honors Thesis/Project manuscript formatting requirements. Otherwise they risk receiving an email after the Commencement ceremonies regarding documentation problems that are preventing their graduation clearances.
  • Delays due to extenuating circumstances may result in a grade of INC at the discretion of the Honors Thesis or Project chair or instructor.  If students are granted an INC, there is a 6 week grace period for resolving Y’s and INCs while remaining members of the original graduation class month/year.  Students who wish to graduate within this grace period should aim for completion within five weeks because administrative paperwork needs to make its way through the system in the sixth week.

Students who submit their work after the sixth week become eligible for the next graduation cycle, i.e., February, May or September.  Each graduation cycle has its own six week grace period. The student does not pay additional tuition unless new credits are registered.


Note regarding graduation ceremoniesStudents participate in the annual May Commonwealth Honors College Celebration of Excellence and UMass Commencement regardless of the month they were cleared for graduation (Feb, May or Sept).  Students who are scheduled to graduate in February of the following year may attend the current year’s ceremonies.

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Honors Thesis and Project manuscripts are housed in the University Archives for public review. They must be submitted to the Honors College office for forwarding to the Archives.


Manuscripts printed according to our Honors Thesis/Project manuscript formatting requirements and accompanied by a completed "Honors Thesis/Project Completion Form" or "Honors Thesis/Project Seminar Completion Form" should be submitted in person to the Honors College office.  When submitting manuscripts, students should also have access to the document via flash drive or an email to themselves in case minor corrections are required at the Honors College office.