Upon completion of a single-semester honors thesis or honors project, or a set of paired honors thesis or honors project seminars, or the final semester of an honors thesis or project sequence, the instructor may submit either a final grade(s) or "INCs" on the SPIRE grade roster(s). Note: Seminar grades should not be submitted until the final honors thesis or honors project manuscripts have been evaluated and graded.


Standard Grading:

If a standard grade (“A”, “A-“, “B+”, “B," etc.) is submitted for the final semester (and in the case of a thesis sequence, if a standard grade was submitted for the first semester) then no further grading action is required.


INC and Y Grading:

If an INC is submitted for the final semester (or if a “Y grade was submitted earlier for the first semester of a thesis or project sequence) then you will need to also convert the "Ys" and/or “INCs” to standard grades upon completion of the student's work.  You may do so on SPIRE (for the most recent four semesters) or via a "Change of Grade" form (for older semesters).