Kate, It’s my last day of undergraduate classes and I’m just as terrified as I was on the first one. I guess that while a whole lot of things have changed, not everything has. A little over four years ago I didn't want to go to UMass at all. It was too big and rural and full of concrete. I look back at high school me and shake my head at the girl who thought she knew exactly what she wanted. Coming to UMass and being a part of CHC has been the best decision I’ve made thus far. I truly believe this school has... Read More
Kate, I went back to the very first Letters to Kate I wrote. It was exactly two years ago Saturday. You, Christine, Beth and I all look like such babies in the picture I included. The dorky tree I added at the bottom? It's all set up in my apartment again, this time off campus. It’s funny I feel ready to write my last letter to you, but not my second to last one. Like I’ve been saying all semester, the end sort of sneaks up on you. With less than 6 days of classes left in my undergraduate career I think it’s... Read More
Kate, There are three weeks left in the semester. Do you realize that? Are you hyperventilating too? I swear I sit down to write this letter every week and every week I’m in shock about how few weeks are left and then I get nervous and, well...you’ve been reading these posts for years now, you know the drill. I can get myself quite worked up in under a minute (more like under 30 seconds). But this week it’s going to be different. I’m not going to panic. I’m going to take my stressors and find the positives.... Read More
Kate, Today the property management company that owns my apartment complex is coming to do three different showings of our apartment. Isn’t it crazy there are already people looking to sign over our lease in June? I swear, it was last month that Diana and I were frantically trying to get all the paperwork notarized to secure some housing for this year. As the semester picks up its rapid descent towards Christmas, are you making sure you’re doing things besides just homework? I know, I know. That’s rich coming from... Read More
Kate, It’s finally here: election day and cold and flu season. What a one, two punch combination to start the beginning of the end of the semester. Are you staying positive? I know that it isn’t always easy. So that’s what I wanted to talk about today. Taking care of yourself. To be honest this is more of a how to not let the semester kill you than a take care of the whole person and put your health first letter. We’ll sleep when we’re dead, right? First and foremost, fingers crossed that after tonight election... Read More
Kate, I struggled to write my letter this week. Right now, I feel all out of advice. In fact, I feel like I could use all the advice. Senior year, what a terrifying time. When I tried to think about topics I’ve yet to cover, I realized I’ve only ever complained about my thesis. Not discussed it. Maybe this will help you get started when the time comes or stop someone from spiraling into a panic like I did. Then again, I think panic is part of the process. My thesis story starts second semester last year, when I... Read More
Kate, Since later today I’ll be attending a networking event, I figure it's an appropriate enough topic for this letter. Let’s be honest here, networking is wildly intimidating and downright hard. You, a lowly undergraduate, are expected to make connections with professionals living out your dream career. Framed that way, yeah, it seems nearly impossible. But it doesn't have to be. In my time at UMass I’ve found that this school does an incredible job of providing ample networking opportunities to its students.... Read More
Kate, This week I’m focusing on completing tasks. Simple, right? I wish. Now that we’ve hit the mid-semester mark (I know, shocking), I’m making this week a "power week" to get through all of the assignments I have to do and everything else I’ve been keeping on the back burner. We both know the second half of this semester absolutely flies as we head into holiday season and all around cold weather hibernation mode. We gotta stay on our game. The first thing of course is prioritization. This is the one that really... Read More
Kate, Now that it really feels like fall out, I can’t help but think back to where I was a year ago. I can’t even begin to describe how much I miss Cork and studying abroad. It was such an amazing experience and I am really excited for you to get a taste of it this summer while studying in Spain. I’m also really excited to go visit you. I heard you ran into Dan at the International Programs Office? That boy knows the ins and outs of studying abroad with UMass (he spent a year in Paris and a summer at Oxford)—take... Read More
Kate, We are so close to the first long weekend of the semester I can almost taste it. I’m so so so excited. I’m headed to Boston College Friday to tailgate with Marisa (going to the actual football game is still up in the air) and then home for the weekend to do some serious laundry and research - granted, you already knew that since you’re the one dropping me off! Long weekends are a magical time when you have extra hours to sleep and get work done but very often do neither. I’m committed to not letting that... Read More


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