Hello, everyone! How was your Thanksgiving break? I was happy to get some rest and enjoy time with family. Now we've come back to school, and I am refreshed, and ready to work, work, work.  It's hard to believe that I'm graduating in just a couple of weeks. The next seventeen days will be full of projects, presentations, and papers, but now that we've come to the end of November/beginning of December, I can start to see the finish line approaching, one project completed at a time. It still feels like I only just... Read More
Hello, all!  How was your weekend? I hope you had a good one. As it gets colder and I experience regret for not bringing my winter boots back from home a couple weeks ago, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my semester so far. Midterms may be over, but as many of us know, when Thanksgiving break is over, final exams pop up quickly. I am hoping that I will be able to prepare for exams and write my papers over the week-long break we'll have. Aside from going home for the week, I won't be doing any additional... Read More
Hello, all.  As you may know from my recent blog posts, I was in St. Louis this past weekend. I have great news to report; of the $50 I had budgeted to spend while in the Midwest, I only spent $10 - and that was for snacks for the plane. I am really happy about this.  Temperatures in St. Louis were actually colder last weekend than in Boston - an unusual occurence since St. Louis is southwest of Boston. The weekend was truly excellent - full of delicious food, time with wonderful people, and lots of fun. For... Read More
Hello, all. We are now finishing our 7th week of the semester. How is it possible that the 6 weeks that have already gone by feel as though they've lasted 3 months?  This week, nothing is going into my savings account. The money I was planning to put towards the fund was used when I bought myself another plane ticket — I hadn't realized we would need to take an additional flight while in Spain, but we do need to and this is exactly what the fund was supposed to be for — unforseen travel expenses. I guess I'm just... Read More
Hello, all!  As you can probably see from the title above, I have already thought of some autumn-related puns. As the leaves start to change color and the weather is rapidly cooling, I'm looking forward to going apple-picking soon. I like the fall season in New England. I like when the weather is mild, and I love the fall flavors of apple and pumpkin. I find that fall can be a very peaceful season for sitting outside and having a day at the park. That mild weather combined with the crisp fall air makes for a very... Read More
Hello! Now it's officially fall, and, to be honest, I am LOVING this weather. I don't really like when the weather outside is cold and snowy, so I welcome this heat with open arms and sunglasses. It's the 4th week of classes! Woah. 4th week already?  So, more news! I booked my tickets to Spain - I say "tickets" plural because I'll be flying to Madrid with a layover in Dublin, and I'll be flying back from Barcelona with another layover in Dublin. The best news about this is that I was able to purchase these... Read More
Welcome — and welcome back to UMass, everyone!  How were your first two weeks? It's officially the third week of the semester, and I hope you're all doing well. I'm starting my senior year. Like last year, this year is another very busy one. I'm planning to graduate early, and I'm taking a heavy load of classes to do so.  In the spring, I said I wanted to postpone my trip to Arches National Park in Utah because I didn't have the funds yet. I mentioned that I might go to some places closer by over the summer and... Read More
Hello, all.  Last week I talked about the weeks flying by at cosmic paces. And now it's a week later, and I'm experiencing what I have come to know as the pre-finals slow-down time period. This period of time, post mid-terms and pre-finals, is one in which I often find myself with a little more free time than usual. This semester, I am using my free time to explore the area around Amherst a bit more. I recently took a trip to Northampton to visit one of my favorite shops, and I happened upon a book store. I love... Read More
Hello, all.  It's here. The warm weather is here! I've been waiting for warm weather ever since the first snow in October. My ideal climate is 75 degrees and partly cloudy.   It's mid-April. When did that happen? We have three weeks left of the semester. When did that  happen? What's interesting to me is that each individual day seems to take so long to go by and yet the weeks have been truly flying by at rocketship speed.  Even with the weeks flying by at cosmic paces, I was fortunate enough to have a few... Read More
Hello, all!  Happy April! Spring is my favorite season! This week, I am cheered by the good news that the weather will approach 60 degrees soon. Rumor has it, the temperature will be 78 degrees next Tuesday. Please, oh please, let the rumor be true.  I'm also excited to begin saving money again. This week, I will be contributing $20.00 to my savings account. For those who may not have seen my most recent post, I had to empty my savings account last week, so this brings my total to the same $20.00. I'm still... Read More


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