So … Class selection … For those of you who have not undergone this before, you will soon discover that this is perhaps the most stressful time of the year, vying for first with finals. On the bright side, you can take a good week to prepare, and then class selection lasts for all of five minutes. On the downside, classes fill up fast, every course you need seems to be scheduled for the same time, SPIRE doesn’t want to process your request, professors aren’t answering your requests for overrides, the one class... Read More
Ryan’s Question: Would you change anything about how you prepared for college, anything from the college application process to orientation to expectations you had in your head? Amberly’s Answer: A lot of tours have been passing through South College lately, as high school juniors (like you, of course…) start to consider colleges and high school seniors start to narrow down to their final college decision, so I figured now was a more appropriate time than ever to answer this question. The short answer to this... Read More
Kate, It’s my last day of undergraduate classes and I’m just as terrified as I was on the first one. I guess that while a whole lot of things have changed, not everything has. A little over four years ago I didn't want to go to UMass at all. It was too big and rural and full of concrete. I look back at high school me and shake my head at the girl who thought she knew exactly what she wanted. Coming to UMass and being a part of CHC has been the best decision I’ve made thus far. I truly believe this school has... Read More
Tis the season to be stressed and contemplating a career in flipping burgers or manning coffee shops. Most of us have at least one class that looms over us like the angel of death. It’s that one class that we’re convinced will destroy our GPAs and thus our future. That class stares at us like a hungry lion that wants nothing more than to drag us back to their den from which we will never see the light of day or a decent paycheck. Or at least that’s what the world is telling us to think. The fact of the matter... Read More
Co-authored by Hannah Depin and Marie MacCune. 1.   Crowded dining halls. Good luck finding a table or waiting in the omelette line this weekend. 2.   Traffic. Everywhere.  3.   The campus bookstore? Totally sold out.  4.  Lots of staring. Why do tours bring people to the gym? Seeing me run on a treadmill is deterrence enough from applying.  5.   You become every family's personal photographer. 
Kate, So you got into the Honors College – remember when you said you wanted to walk down an entirely different path than me? Just kidding, nursing is an entire world apart from political science and legal studies. Besides, I can’t blame you for wanting a chance at the beautiful honors dorms and to write a thesis. In all honesty, I’m very excited for you and very proud. Once again, you’ve done good kid.   What’s next? You’ve already texted me this morning asking where the CHC Events Hall is, so I’m guessing you... Read More
Kate,   Como estas? Te encanta Madrid? El Pais Vasco?   I am so excited for you to be on the trip of a lifetime in Spain (and it looks like you're pretty excited to be there too)! You will learn so much about the language, the world, yourself – the exchange is a truly excellent way to end your high school career and to build the foundation for the next four years in college.  Don’t forget to snap chat your big sister or update Instagram every once in a while so all of us back home can live the adventure... Read More
7 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a College   1. The quality of your specific program. Who cares if the school is 10th in the country if your program doesn't rank at all?  
  2. The food. You’ll be eating everyday, three times a day, for four years. Enough said.  
  3. The distance from home. No, you won’t want to be there every weekend, but at some point you will. Make sure you can afford the time and money it’ll take to get back home when you have and want to.       4. Money. It’s... Read More
Kate, I’ve never been good in the homestretch. You know how some people can pull it together in the last few weeks of the semester and really kick it into gear? Yeah, well I am definitely not one of them. In fact, I’m the opposite. I start off each semester all bright-eyed and focused and by the end I’m barely hanging on to my motivation/sanity. Remember those carefree days at Quackers Pre-School? It's crazy how far we've come.  Last week I had two exams, this week I have two papers...and then there’s the stories... Read More
Kate,   Welcome to the UMass family! Go class of 2019!   I am so beyond excited that you chose UMass Amherst. Besides the fact that I am obsessed with this school and really wanted you to come, I think you made an excellent choice. The opportunities that the competitive nursing program offers mixed with UMass’s price means coming here is the best decision that you could have made. I have never regretted my decision to come here and I don’t think you will either. Though I do question the university's ability to... Read More


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