As you may have noticed, climate change has decided to drop by for a visit and screw with everyone. Last week, we were waking to temperatures in the 50s, gliding mists vanishing like ghosts in the morning light. By lunch time, we were looking at 72 degrees and folks taking out their frisbees and crop-tops. This week decided that it’s going to stick with a theme and that is “Mid September,” a.k.a. “Unpleasant.” Personally, I rather enjoy the rain, especially when it’s this warm. It feels … cleansing.... Read More
One of the big advantages of living in the dorms is that you are surrounded by potentially interesting people and perhaps new friends. Thing is, a lot of people are too shy to take advantage of this. They’re too worried that going to a stranger’s door, even if it’s standing open, and saying “Hi” will make them sound desperate for socialization, or too peppy, or that the encounter will be awkward for lack of common interests, or any number of other things. Well, I hate to say it, but that’s all possible. However,... Read More
When my mom and I first visited UMass in February of my senior year of high school, we were...less than impressed.  It was the last two days of our February break and we were returning from a family trip to New Hampshire. After driving back to Cape Cod from New Hampshire, we got out of the car just long enough to change, turned around and got back in the car, and drove three and a half hours in another direction out to Amherst. It was a miserable, cold night and the roads were slushy. Neither of us were at all... Read More
Co-authored by Hannah Depin and Marie MacCune. 1.   Crowded dining halls. Good luck finding a table or waiting in the omelette line this weekend. 2.   Traffic. Everywhere.  3.   The campus bookstore? Totally sold out.  4.  Lots of staring. Why do tours bring people to the gym? Seeing me run on a treadmill is deterrence enough from applying.  5.   You become every family's personal photographer. 
Spring has sprung! I thought we’d hit it a few weeks ago when people were walking around in tank tops and napping out on the grass, but nature decided to crush our hopes, dreams, and newly planted daffodils by dumping about five inches of snow on us.

In April.

But, hey! The sun’s out and we get to enjoy the glory of our campus! Look at the beautiful trees! The green grass! The budding flowers! The backhoe tearing up Morrill! The clear sky! The campus pond that could count as a biohazard!... Read More
7 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a College   1. The quality of your specific program. Who cares if the school is 10th in the country if your program doesn't rank at all?  
  2. The food. You’ll be eating everyday, three times a day, for four years. Enough said.  
  3. The distance from home. No, you won’t want to be there every weekend, but at some point you will. Make sure you can afford the time and money it’ll take to get back home when you have and want to.       4. Money. It’s... Read More
Kate, Every day UMass proves to me how lucky I am to have come here considering all the things I didn’t take into consideration when choosing where to go to college. When I was a senior in high school I was too bitter about not getting money from what I thought was my number one school, or fulfilling everyone’s expectation to think about the aspects of college life that actually matter. I was too worried about name recognition, and campus aesthetics to consider the important things – like food. You read that right... Read More
Kate,   Due to unavoidable scheduling issues, I now have to wake up before the sun in order to get to the gym. I get it, high school students and full time workers do it every day, it’s just getting my college student internal clock to readjust has been rough to say the least.   It’s only 10 a.m. as I’m writing this and I’m already ready for a nap, but before I run for coffee I have an important point for you: as you decide where you want to end up next year (highly) consider going somewhere with a nice gym.  ... Read More
How do you get involved at a school with 20,000 undergraduates?  The idea alone seems daunting as a freshman.  After years of being highly involved throughout my middle and high school careers, the thought of free time in college was extremely appealing.  Just as appealing, in fact, as the thought of finding my way in such a large school was intimidating.  So freshman year I allowed myself to take a break.  I spent time forming close and lasting friendships, stayed up late to wander the halls and meet everyone... Read More
When you enter college, you’re told how exciting it will be; that it will be one of the best times in your life; and that it will fly by before you know it.   (Blah, blah, blah. Can you please just put money on my UCard, Mom?)   Unfortunately, this is yet another case where your parents were totally right.   This December, I finished my undergraduate career here at UMass. Honestly, it’s still a bit of a shock: like finishing your bucket of Halloween candy or finding out that Kim Kardashian got divorced when you... Read More


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