Kate,   Enrollment is right around the corner, you ready?   I guess as a nursing student, the answer for you is a resounding yes. Your program is small and structured. You’ve often told me that the rooms and class times are arranged so that all the nurses’ schedules can work with the classes they have to take. Plus, no one but nurses ever really enroll in nursing classes. Y’all are some lucky ducks.   As a lowly political science plebian, I’ve had to spar my way through the SPIRE enrollment arena with the rest of... Read More
So I was able to send off the first draft of my thesis to my Committee Chair, and we've slowly been working our way through each chapter. It's daunting to sit in a room with a really smart person in your field and have them give you constructive criticism. It's intimidating and scary, and that's amplified when you look at all the changes you have to make.    First drafts are supposed to have mistakes, and I have a lot of them. When you're writing, it's hard to see the thesis as one, complete idea - there are lots... Read More
Kate,   It’s freezing out. Like the feeling of just chopping your head off would be better than the feeling of the wind attacking your face kind of cold. Did I forget to mention that when I said you should totally come to UMass? My bad. We should have gone to school in Hawaii. Just kidding … well sort of. Just wait until you get the snowplows beeping and plowing and dumping at 4 a.m. It’s really something.   The snow, wind, and bitter cold is certainly worth it though. With your first semester done, wouldn’t you... Read More
Imagine yourself in an elevator, and the CEO of your favorite company walks in. You both are going to the eleventh floor. As the door shuts, the CEO turns to you and introduces themself...and this is your chance to make a big impression. As bizarre as this scenario sounds, it happens. When you are stuck in an elevator with someone you admire or want to get to know, how are you going to make a statement.   If you have taken Marketing 301, you are already pretty well aware of the benefits of having an elevator... Read More
7 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a College   1. The quality of your specific program. Who cares if the school is 10th in the country if your program doesn't rank at all?  
  2. The food. You’ll be eating everyday, three times a day, for four years. Enough said.  
  3. The distance from home. No, you won’t want to be there every weekend, but at some point you will. Make sure you can afford the time and money it’ll take to get back home when you have and want to.       4. Money. It’s... Read More
I don't know about you, but I am feeling overwhelmed by the internship process. The April 1st deadline for many of my applications is quickly approaching and that leaves the end of March to be a spectacularly busy one. Sometimes, I look at my Excel spreadsheet and realize I can't meet all the deadlines. In my Excel sheet, I have developed a system to highlight the internships I applied to in green, applications in progress in yellow, and internships with passed deadlines in red. There are just so many... Read More
So, you've heard back from one or more of the companies you applied to and are super excited! All the hard work paid off in your research and application phase. Now you are setting up an interview. An interview is a great opportunity for the employer to learn more about you and provides an equal chance for you to learn more about the company. You should be asking them almost as many question as they ask you. Make sure that the questions are informed and well researched ahead of time; this helps a lot when you are... Read More
Internships. Internships. Internships. The Great Search is on.   I started my search  over the Presidents Day weekend for summer internships. It's always a process: brainstorming a list of companies that I'd like to work for, searching for comparable companies, looking into their career listings for internships, sorting through application materials needed, and tailoring my resume and cover letter to the various position descriptions, etc. Honestly, the internship process is not a quick and easy thing to do by... Read More
It feels strange calling myself a young professional, but that is part of my identity now that I’m an almost-adult. Professionalism has been ingrained since day one of my freshman year and moving forward it’s pretty incredible to reflect on my first year self. You don't have to be an Isenberg business student to be able to relate to this transformation either.   Have you noticed changes in yourself since entering college? It happens to everyone across the board--pretty amazing how time and your experiences can... Read More
Kate, You got into UMass! And the nursing program too! Congratulations, the long college process is over – at least almost. The work heavy part is, now it’s all about decisions and I’m here to help. With nine schools to choose between, since you got into every one you applied to (if your big sister can’t brag for you, who can?), there are a lot of things to consider. Here are my 3 pieces of advice…for now: Make the right decision for you. Everyone has different dreams, majors, and bank accounts... Read More


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