As I approach the end of my time at UMass, I’ve been reflecting on my time here and how my interests have developed. I came in four years ago undeclared, briefly pursued a Spanish major, and then switched to Environmental Design. But it was not until this past fall that I really found my academic and professional niche as a member of the UMass Permaculture Committee.   The first question I always get is, “What’s permaculture?” Permaculture is a system of sustainable design that meets human needs for food,... Read More
My sister and I were coming back from spring break, and on the drive to Amherst, rolling through the pastures on winding back roads, we started talking about finding community. My sister is a first-year student at UMass and I am a graduating senior, so together we encompass the spectrum of identity formation in college. While I am trying to brand my identity into something job-marketable, my sister is reflecting on how her identity is being shaped and formed. Community, we realized, is a major component of... Read More


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