The first time I watched the Super Bowl, my parents and I muted the game and then turned the volume back on whenever the funny commercials returned. The next year we got bored with that and switched to Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl. Since coming to college, though, I’ve gained an appreciation for sporting events. I still don’t care about the games themselves, really, but these events are a good excuse to meet up with friends and encounter new people. Plus, they provide a great venue for venting pent up energy. I... Read More
Hello and welcome back to UMass, folks! Some of you might have returned after reluctant and teary partings with family, some may have sprinted out of their homes to get here. Whatever the circumstances, I hope that you feel relieved and excited to be back. A lot of you will already have found your niches and are eager to return to your friends and activities that make UMass a part of your extended family. For those of you who are taking a bit longer, as I did, never fear! Each semester is like starting all over... Read More
Back in September, my roommates and I made a Google Docs list of places we wanted to go, things we wanted to do, and (of course) food we wanted to eat before the end of the semester. With two years at UMass already gone by, we know that the time flies, and with all that's going on, you have to be intentional if you want to make the most of your weekends. We've managed to check a number of things off our bucket list, like going to a fall festival, checking out the Montague Book Mill, hosting a Clue-themed dinner... Read More
When my mom and I first visited UMass in February of my senior year of high school, we were...less than impressed.  It was the last two days of our February break and we were returning from a family trip to New Hampshire. After driving back to Cape Cod from New Hampshire, we got out of the car just long enough to change, turned around and got back in the car, and drove three and a half hours in another direction out to Amherst. It was a miserable, cold night and the roads were slushy. Neither of us were at all... Read More
November 4th, 2016- Thought process during the election:

10:00 p.m.: “Wow, a lot of those states are turning red.”

10:30 p.m.: “Okay, this is ridiculous, but Hillary can still catch up.”

11:00 p.m.: “Okay, now it’s a long shot.”

12:00 a.m.: “All hope is lost.”

I woke up the next day thinking “Geez that was a weird dream. Better not turn out like that tonight.” Then I looked at my phone and discovered that, no, “tonight” had happened the previous... Read More
Stressful week? I wholeheartedly believe that the best cure is ice cream! After this whirlwind couple of days, I’m hoping to make some time over the long weekend to turn off the TV and Twitter and get off campus to do something fun. I think Flayvors of Cook Farm would be a great place to start! Flayvors is an ice cream shop situated on a dairy farm in Hadley. It’s only a few minutes away from UMass, but the fields and mountains surrounding it feel a world away from campus. All the ice cream is homemade on the... Read More
(Co-authored by Marie MacCune and Hannah Depin) It’s autumn, baby. Time to do all things fall! Here are eight things you don't want to miss this fall at UMass.  1. Tailgate. We may have (one of) the worst teams in the division but our tailgates are nothing to shrug at. Pro tip: invite your parents for excess amounts of free food. 2. Apple picking, duh.
  3. A haunted UMass Tour. It’s part of Family Weekend programming Friday, Oct. 21! 4. Visit a... Read More
It's starting to feel like fall here at UMass and I couldn't be more excited. It's a great season no matter where you are, but I feel especially lucky to experience it in western Massachusetts. There are a ton of events happening around here in the fall, and better yet, many of them are food related. I don't want to miss a thing, so I have a new weekend ritual: waking up early on Saturdays and Sundays to get homework done. I know, it's no fun, but it does pay off. Last weekend I got work done early and had plenty... Read More
This is always the saddest part of the year for me. I know that most of my peers anticipate the end of classes with bated breath, but the end of school means something different to them. To them it means an end to work and thinking, an end to deadlines and stress for the most part, and an end to social drama and commitments.

To me, it means an end to stimulation, an end to motivation and achievement, and an end to friendships. I love the subjects I study and I enjoy the conversations I have with my... Read More
Spring has sprung! I thought we’d hit it a few weeks ago when people were walking around in tank tops and napping out on the grass, but nature decided to crush our hopes, dreams, and newly planted daffodils by dumping about five inches of snow on us.

In April.

But, hey! The sun’s out and we get to enjoy the glory of our campus! Look at the beautiful trees! The green grass! The budding flowers! The backhoe tearing up Morrill! The clear sky! The campus pond that could count as a biohazard!... Read More


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