Last weekend, my friends and I took on an impossible challenge. We set out for Amherst in search of a restuarant that would seat eight people in under an hour, with no reservation, at 7:00 p.m. on a Saturday night.   Spur of the moment dinner plans are tough with a large group. We could have cut down on the wait times if we agreed to split up into two groups of four, but the eight of us were eager to catch up after a busy week, when the only meals we ate together were grab-and-go breakfasts from Roots. After... Read More
My memory of Fall NSO at UMass is a blur of running around campus, playing ice breaker games to learn the names of strangers, and spending every spare minute unpacking and rearranging my dorm room. It was a really busy three days. But even with all that chaos, I have a great memory of stopping for a doughnut with my new friends at Glazed Doughnut Shop in Amherst.   Glazed was the first restaurant I went to in town and since then, I have returned many, many times. Glazed is not an ordinary bakery. The doughnuts,... Read More
While I finish the last few pages of my first draft, I wanted to share something else about my academic experience: I am all about that Five College life. I’ve taken one course at Hampshire, Amherst, Mount Holyoke, and two at Smith. I didn’t set out for this accomplishment – it worked in my favor that there were classes that I was actually interested in and was able to fit in my schedule. I also lucked out in that BDIC encourages students to take courses at the other schools as part of your curriculum, but I know... Read More
(Co-authored by Emily Esten, Marie MacCune, and Hannah Depin)   No matter what your relationship status is, UMass can make things...interesting on Valentine's Day.    Recently Single: Funny how small campus seems when you're fresh out of a relationship.   Long Distance Love: The Hunger Games-esque fight to get on the Peter Pan bus you bought a ticket for. Babe, I'll be on my two hours.    Undefined Acquaintances: Nothing forces the terribly awkward "... Read More
Normally I’m a fan of the snow. It’s fun to romp in, you can build snowmen, and you can tackle your best friend to the ground and smother them without causing any real damage. However, as I discovered last year and as I’m sure most of you are observing already, living at UMass Amherst with snow everywhere is kind of, well, hellish.

You’ll find yourself cold all the time, get targeted by passing automobiles as they splash through puddles, and take involuntary skiing and sledding lessons as the ice... Read More
Welcome to the second half of the semester, or as we should call it, the best time of year to have an unlimited meal plan. Halloween may be over, but it was just the kickoff to the holiday eating season.   My weekend started Friday, when my roommates and I opened up our Halloween pinata filled with Reese’s, M&M's, and Milky Ways. We didn’t have it in us to hit him with the bat, but we had no problem eating all the candy inside.  Saturday morning, my aunt and uncle drove out here to see me, all the way from... Read More
Most of you know that there aren’t enough honors dorms for all of the honors students on campus. (Okay, I’m channeling Robin Williams for this next bit) It’s all part and parcel of the honors gig. PHENOMENAL [intellectual] POWER, itty-bitty living space.   Sure, the rooms are great, but there aren’t enough so lots of us get “relegated” to other sections of campus and miss out on the honors community. Or at least, that’s what a lot of people are worried about.   Trust me, living away from the honors dorms can be... Read More
7 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a College   1. The quality of your specific program. Who cares if the school is 10th in the country if your program doesn't rank at all?  
  2. The food. You’ll be eating everyday, three times a day, for four years. Enough said.  
  3. The distance from home. No, you won’t want to be there every weekend, but at some point you will. Make sure you can afford the time and money it’ll take to get back home when you have and want to.       4. Money. It’s... Read More
Oh the Places You'll Go... After all this cold, gloomy weather, the slight increase in temperature this week means spring really is on its way. As I pull out my lighter jackets and put away my hat and gloves, I begin to really enjoy how much this area has to offer when looking to get outside and enjoy nature. Now, I would definitely not describe myself as “outdoorsy” and I often find myself envious of those UMass students adventurous to go on the many trips provided by the Outing Club. However, I still find... Read More
Oh the Places You'll Go... If there is one thing I love more than exploring the pioneer valley on my own, it is sharing these experiences with my family.  We have built our own mini-family vacations a few times a year when my Mom and sisters visit. It just so happens that Amherst is a perfect meeting spot for my Mom and younger sister to drive out from Hamilton, MA and for my older sister who is a Ph.D. student to drive down from Syracuse, NY.   Unfortunately my Dad usually gets left behind to watch my 12 and 4... Read More


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