It’s easy to come to a large school like UMass and feel like you can’t make much of a difference. There are just so many people and so many events it’s easy to get lost in how things are. Honestly, I’ve never been satisfied with that.   I first learned about the Nearly Naked Mile at a conference that I attended with the Student Alumni Association in Nashville, Tennessee. Indiana University and Iowa State were presenting and I was shocked. I had never heard of such a thing. They let people do that? Just run through... Read More
Winter might not have come to Westeros yet, but we’re certainly feeling it in Amherst.  Freezing temperatures, biting winds, and looming clouds that promise of snow all seem like they’re here to stay.  If this is your first Amherst winter, summer child, you’re in for a treat.    I don’t want to be dramatic or anything, but when I was reading  A Game of Thrones this summer and I came to this part, it felt eerily familiar.    “Oh, my sweet summer child," Old Nan said quietly, "what do you know of fear?... Read More
Surely it can be relaxing (and healthy) to take a nice stroll on and off-campus once in a while, but the PVTA busses can be extremely convenient much of the time.  When it gets cold and windy (although coldness didn’t seem to be a factor at all this winter) outside, walking ten minutes to class can feel like what I imagine the beginning of a Mount Everest climb to be like.  Motivation to attend class, make a meeting, or visit friends at other parts of the campus can quickly deplete while envisioning such a venture... Read More
Only a few finals separate me from summer vacation and it seems that everyone has been asking one question:   So what are you doing this summer?   This summer, I plan to work as a peer ambassador for Commonwealth Honors College like I did last summer. Last summer, I took a few online courses to get ahead and ward off boredom, but this summer I’m applying for every job, volunteer, and internship opportunities in the area or in Boston that interests me. I’ll let you all know how the search goes!     Last summer, I... Read More
I’ve never felt more part of the community than I did recently at the Five College Relay for Life. There were 1,372 participants making up 149 relay teams. Members of the community raised $92,382 for the American Cancer Society. It is estimated that Relay for Life events have raised over $3 billion to date.     This was my first time participating in Relay for Life and I can’t wait to do another soon! I joined the UMass Student Government Association (SGA) team and I was so proud of how many teams were affiliated... Read More
As I approach the end of my time at UMass, I’ve been reflecting on my time here and how my interests have developed. I came in four years ago undeclared, briefly pursued a Spanish major, and then switched to Environmental Design. But it was not until this past fall that I really found my academic and professional niche as a member of the UMass Permaculture Committee.   The first question I always get is, “What’s permaculture?” Permaculture is a system of sustainable design that meets human needs for food,... Read More
My sister and I were coming back from spring break, and on the drive to Amherst, rolling through the pastures on winding back roads, we started talking about finding community. My sister is a first-year student at UMass and I am a graduating senior, so together we encompass the spectrum of identity formation in college. While I am trying to brand my identity into something job-marketable, my sister is reflecting on how her identity is being shaped and formed. Community, we realized, is a major component of... Read More
Maybe it’s just me, but I cannot believe that it is almost time to register for classes.  Maybe it’s because we only had one real snow storm, or because I’ve been so busy, but it seems like this semester has just flown on by without me noticing. Unbelievably, we only have five more weeks of classes before finals, spring has arrived, and it’s already time to start thinking about the fall.   If you haven’t yet, now is the perfect time to check your enrollment appointment on SPIRE (it’ll be in the right hand... Read More
I love going to the movies.  I don’t even want to think about the amount of money I’ve spent on movie tickets since I got my driver’s license before my junior year in high school and meeting up with friends at the movie theater was less of a “mom, will you drive me there?” and more of a “okay I’ll see you later mom!” type of ordeal.  For a while it was a passion of mine - keeping up with the upcoming movies, having seen trailers and read reviews, knowing statistics about opening weekends and making fairly... Read More
What is so special about Special Collections?   In my American women’s history course, I was recently assigned the dreaded group project.  I, like most students I know, prefer to work alone than in a group, at least for important projects and papers worth a lot of points.  Group projects are challenging for various reasons.  No matter how hard a group might try to avoid it, usually the workload is divided unevenly.  With groups of three of more people, it seems nearly impossible to find a convenient time to... Read More


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