Ryan's Question: What do you think the role of technology plays on a college campus? Amberly's Answer: To be frank, I think it would be easier to ask what part of campus and college at large isn't affected by technology. Everywhere you look, you will see a laptop or a phone out, ready to connect with the internet and the world. The lobbies (at least in the Honors College) have a TV screen, ready to play the Superbowl or the latest episode of American Horror Story. In classrooms,... Read More
The news since Election Day has been dominated by musings about what kind of outcomes the Midterms could lead to. It’s been hard to address this question when two races still haven’t been called (for governors in Georgia and Florida), but even with the uncertainty, there's a lot of material to spectate off of.  There was a lot of cool action on campus leading up to the election. The #Yeson3 campaign was holding phone banks and campaigning around campus. Christine Hallquist and Danica Roem visited to talk at a... Read More
At face value my horoscope should everything the celestial bodies have in store for me. I checked mine today. It prophesized the following: “You may have recently inherited either some money or some free time. This is a real gift, and if invested wisely, it could lead to some important self-discoveries”. Now I’ll say that both today and recently I neither have money or time by virtue of this celestial “inheritance” or from work, or from any Mars in retrograde or what have you. This is not the objection I draw... Read More
Alarming new information was released regarding climate change and the planet’s future in a UN report. This report said that “there is no documented historical precedent for the scale of change required,” and that the world may have just over a decade to get climate change under control. Here are things students (or anyone) can do:   Do your research: Take an Enviro class Reduce emissions in your travel: Take public transit Ride a bike... Read More
My first blog post will be more about who I am and less about what I have to say. The posts afterward will be the opposite. I’m dedicating the content of my blog not to personal pontification, but to showcasing the accessibility and diversity of the knowledge and wisdom in the community. This could be from faculty, classes, or a conversation on the street. Wherever it comes from, I want to present not what to think, but ways of thinking, arguments, stories — all to show you my journey in learning how to think.... Read More
Ryan’s Question: What’s the role politics play on campus? Are there ever situations where it becomes a taboo topic, or is it always something that people are expressive about? Amberly’s Answer: Colleges do appear to be the most political sphere in our society, don’t they? With protests scattered throughout the week and speakers frequently coming to campus to give lectures on all sorts of topics, college provides numerous attitudes for one to “get political.” That being said, I... Read More
Ryan’s Question: Has college changed the way you look at your future? If so, in what ways? Amberly’s Answer: -cue nervous laughter- Oh boy. The short answer is this: yes. The long answer, though, is this: When I first came to UMass, I had a pretty strong sense of self. I knew who I, Amberly Lerner, was, and I knew exactly who I was going to be in life. I was an English major and I was going to go into creative writing. And then while I was at it, I was going... Read More
Well, that’s it. I’ve graduated. Fifty-three blog entries later and I’ll now be out of your hair. I have been at UMass for four years now and, now that I am gone, I truly do feel like I deserve the title “senior.” Not because of rank or anything, but because I’m no longer going to be considered a student and the real world is about to slap me in the face with one of the biggest wake-up calls of my life. I love UMass, and I wish with all my heart that it was not time for me to go. However, it is. I’ve had my... Read More
It’s weird to think that we can stay connected with people over thousands of miles.As I’ve mentioned before, my father sends me occasional emails, just chatting and telling me about life back home. Even though I haven’t seen him in months and the two hundred miles between us might as well be two thousand, it still feels like I can be connected with him and my mother just because we can chat like this. Honestly, to me it feels like an even deeper, truer connection than what chatting over the phone or FaceTime... Read More
Transitioning to adulthood seems to kind-of-maybe suck. At least at first blush.I happened to mention that I was doing my taxes the other day, and he shared his condolences, saying that there were more to come from here on out.“Well,” I said. “Adulthood sucks.”“There are compensatory advantages.”I cocked an eyebrow. “Such as?”“Autonomy,” he replied. “With that, everything becomes possible. Not free, but possible. Without it, only other people’s wishes and plans come to pass.”I’d like to think that’s true. Not... Read More


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