Over break, I met a taxi driver who is licensed to work as a pharmacist. A taxi driver… Licensed as a pharmacist. Does that make sense to anyone? A grown man with a degree was working as an Uber driver in Florida. Why? Because every job he applied to in the state required that he already have at least a year of work experience in a pharmacy. How was he supposed to get that experience? Through an internship program which, like 90 percent of all internships, was not paid or paid less than minimum wage. He was... Read More
Kate, I went back to the very first Letters to Kate I wrote. It was exactly two years ago Saturday. You, Christine, Beth and I all look like such babies in the picture I included. The dorky tree I added at the bottom? It's all set up in my apartment again, this time off campus. It’s funny I feel ready to write my last letter to you, but not my second to last one. Like I’ve been saying all semester, the end sort of sneaks up on you. With less than 6 days of classes left in my undergraduate career I think it’s... Read More
Kate,   It's scholarship application season here on campus and let me tell you - the need, the want, the struggle - it’s all very real. I keep thinking of the Mama Mia song “Money, Money, Money” and yeah, it must be funny in a rich man’s world. Too bad, I’m currently living in a broke college student’s world with plans to study abroad and go to law school. Scholarships are gold, quite literally.    From trying to make your Dining Dollars last all semester to being able to afford that summer class, money makes... Read More
Kate, You got into UMass! And the nursing program too! Congratulations, the long college process is over – at least almost. The work heavy part is, now it’s all about decisions and I’m here to help. With nine schools to choose between, since you got into every one you applied to (if your big sister can’t brag for you, who can?), there are a lot of things to consider. Here are my 3 pieces of advice…for now: Make the right decision for you. Everyone has different dreams, majors, and bank accounts... Read More
What is so special about Special Collections?   In my American women’s history course, I was recently assigned the dreaded group project.  I, like most students I know, prefer to work alone than in a group, at least for important projects and papers worth a lot of points.  Group projects are challenging for various reasons.  No matter how hard a group might try to avoid it, usually the workload is divided unevenly.  With groups of three of more people, it seems nearly impossible to find a convenient time to... Read More
  This post is actually an article I wrote for the English Department newsletter about my experience in the Oxford Summer Seminar last summer.  It was an amazing experience, and in case my feelings are not clear, I strongly encourage everyone to apply.  More logistical information is available on the seminar website, and information about the scholarship offered by Commonwealth Honors College can be found here.    I could pretend that when I got off the bus at Gloucester Green in Oxford that I was full of... Read More
  This week one of my classes welcomed a guest presenter from the UMass Amherst International Programs Office to discuss various study abroad options and study abroad scholarships.  They enthusiastically help students determine what study abroad program is a good fit and help them apply for scholarships, like the Boren Award for International Study, the various scholarships their office provides, and plenty of others!  I promise you they are incredibly friendly and dedicated :) I work for that office in the summer... Read More
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