(Co-authored by Avery Hennigar, Emily King, Zac Bears, and Marie MacCune) 1. When Mom misses your old friends more than you do: Mom: Why hasn’t (insert name of high school friend you haven’t spoken to since move-in day freshman year) been over lately? You: Um… we’ve just been really busy, you know. Mom: Well, you should invite her over with the rest of the old gang for a slumber party. You: Sure, I’ll text them right now (You say as you delete the contact so she can’t call them herself... Read More
The question every non-college student loves to ask and the one question everyone who still in college loves to avoid.  I cannot count the number of times I have been asked this question whether it is by inquisitive grandparents, aunts, and uncles at family holiday get-together’s, by curious co-workers and supervisors at my workplaces and internships, or even by the dental hygienist at my annual cleaning. I just cannot seem to escape it.   Even though I have a pretty good idea of my next step after I have to say... Read More
For many students research can mean many different things and can cause many different emotions. So what’s my relationship with research? Let’s just say it’s complicated.   I first grew to love research during my junior year of high school when I was required to submit a project to our school’s History Fair. I formed a group with two other students and we created a documentary entitled, “Innovations in Sanitation: A History of Chicago’s Sewer System.” I know what you are thinking… a documentary about sewers? Yes,... Read More
A little before the start of the semester, my friend Maddy Bonnanzio wrote a great post about how college years fly by too fast.     This entry, though humorously written in typical Maddy style, filled me terror.   JUNIOR YEAR IS ALMOST OVER.  I’VE PRACTICALLY GRADUATED.   Right now you’re asking, aren’t you overreacting a little bit?  Spring semester just started, you still have basically three semesters left of college.     To which I reply, yeah, ONLY THREE SEMESTERS.  UNTIL I HAVE TO GET A... Read More


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