Well, that’s it. I’ve graduated. Fifty-three blog entries later and I’ll now be out of your hair. I have been at UMass for four years now and, now that I am gone, I truly do feel like I deserve the title “senior.” Not because of rank or anything, but because I’m no longer going to be considered a student and the real world is about to slap me in the face with one of the biggest wake-up calls of my life. I love UMass, and I wish with all my heart that it was not time for me to go. However, it is. I’ve had my... Read More
Ryan’s Question: Do you ever get tired of people on such a populated campus like UMass? Amberly’s Answer: My initial answer to this was no, I don’t. A big reason I came to UMass, after all, instead of a small liberal arts college such as Amherst College or Smith, was because it was so populated. Not to say that there’s anything bad about Amherst College or Smith — both are great schools! But after growing up in a small town, I wanted something different. As I followed the tour guide around the UMass campus, it... Read More
As you may have noticed, climate change has decided to drop by for a visit and screw with everyone. Last week, we were waking to temperatures in the 50s, gliding mists vanishing like ghosts in the morning light. By lunch time, we were looking at 72 degrees and folks taking out their frisbees and crop-tops. This week decided that it’s going to stick with a theme and that is “Mid September,” a.k.a. “Unpleasant.” Personally, I rather enjoy the rain, especially when it’s this warm. It feels … cleansing.... Read More
One of the big advantages of living in the dorms is that you are surrounded by potentially interesting people and perhaps new friends. Thing is, a lot of people are too shy to take advantage of this. They’re too worried that going to a stranger’s door, even if it’s standing open, and saying “Hi” will make them sound desperate for socialization, or too peppy, or that the encounter will be awkward for lack of common interests, or any number of other things. Well, I hate to say it, but that’s all possible. However,... Read More
Ryan’s Question: What are the pros and cons of dorm life? Amberly’s Answer: Hi Ryan! So, I’m going to tackle this question for my blog post, simply because I know that while a lot of people have figured out housing already next year, there are still quite a few people leftover who are debating what to do. I fall into the former category. This year, I’ve been living in Sycamore (an Honors freshmen dorm), but next semester I’ll be moving to Southwest – specifically Crampton, which is home to the Nuance DRC. You... Read More
Kate, Today the property management company that owns my apartment complex is coming to do three different showings of our apartment. Isn’t it crazy there are already people looking to sign over our lease in June? I swear, it was last month that Diana and I were frantically trying to get all the paperwork notarized to secure some housing for this year. As the semester picks up its rapid descent towards Christmas, are you making sure you’re doing things besides just homework? I know, I know. That’s rich coming from... Read More
Happy almost Halloween! We've gotten into the holiday spirit at my apartment, with pumpkins, twinkling ghost lights, and plans to make ghost and bat-shaped cookies this weekend. Although I'm practically counting down the days until the annual steak and lobster dinner, I've also been trying to make some of my favorite fall recipes while I still have the chance. How is it already the end of October?  The semester is flying by and I'm getting closer and closer to leaving for study abroad in Montpellier, France! This... Read More
It's the time of year again when everyone on campus is catching a cold! I don't know if it's the close quarters or the lack of sleep, but it seems almost like a fall tradition here.  My freshman year, I caught the cold and stubbornly avoided going to UHS when it got worse. Two weeks later, I went home for a long weekend and found out I had a sinus infection AND ear infection! (How is that even possible?) After that, I've been trying to make time to slow down and rest when I'm not feeling well, easier said than... Read More
Remember how in the Harry Potter books, Harry counts down the days until he can go back to Hogwarts? Returning to UMass feels a little like that for me. Maybe driving down the Mass Pike in my family’s Honda is not as cool as the Hogwarts Express, but I still get excited when I see “Amherst” appearing on the road signs again. Although it’s always a little sad to see the summer go, I love being back on campus because you never know what’s around the corner here--a cool club you haven’t heard of, an internship to... Read More
Kate, I’m going to be honest. Senior year of college - not as cool as senior year of high school. Way scarier and way higher stakes. But it's fine, I'm fine. One week down and things have yet to crash and burn (well, my apartment did lose WiFi day two of the semester and I've had strep for three weeks now, so...). I’ve officially started my honors thesis endeavor. For what it's worth, as overwhelmed as I am by this project I am excited for it too. Original research is new territory for me and I’ve certainly... Read More


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