This is always the saddest part of the year for me. I know that most of my peers anticipate the end of classes with bated breath, but the end of school means something different to them. To them it means an end to work and thinking, an end to deadlines and stress for the most part, and an end to social drama and commitments.

To me, it means an end to stimulation, an end to motivation and achievement, and an end to friendships. I love the subjects I study and I enjoy the conversations I have with my... Read More
Can you believe the semester is already halfway over? I'm convinced that this is the fastest year I've ever spent. The end of sophomore year feels sort of like a turning point to me. My roommate of two years will be off to Spain next year. My friends are getting internships and exploring future career paths. I'm nearly halfway done with my time at UMass and just beginning to think about my life post-graduation.    There's so much to look forward to. My friends and I are already talking about living in a house or... Read More
 Kate,   I signed a lease for my off-campus apartment last weekend! I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I am to know that I have somewhere to live next year. This process has been a long one. Starting with a ridiculous Google spreadsheet between Diana and I, and ending with the fastest signing of a document I’ve ever seen mom and dad do. Just a heads up, this is going to be a long one.   As I’m sure you’ve realized with the start of the on-campus housing lottery, finding a place to live – at UMass and in the... Read More
Most of you know that there aren’t enough honors dorms for all of the honors students on campus. (Okay, I’m channeling Robin Williams for this next bit) It’s all part and parcel of the honors gig. PHENOMENAL [intellectual] POWER, itty-bitty living space.   Sure, the rooms are great, but there aren’t enough so lots of us get “relegated” to other sections of campus and miss out on the honors community. Or at least, that’s what a lot of people are worried about.   Trust me, living away from the honors dorms can be... Read More
      (Co-authored by Avery Hennigar, Emily King, and Zac Bears)
      When you find out your room selection priority number has changed…   List your location preferences…     Formation of groups…     Request an appointment…     Appointment day…     But it’s all okay in the end...You and your friends survive and have a place to live!
All drama aside,... Read More
Being on Commonwealth Honors College’s student staff since September 2012 and continuing (at least I hope) through my graduation in May 2015 has provided me with a unique perspective on the transition from Goodell to the CHC Residential Community. I was deeply involved in presenting the Community, and what it would be, to the media, parents and the students who would inhabit it. Only through getting to know our exceptionally qualified staff did I begin to fully understand the immense impact having a centralized... Read More


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