Don’t worry CHC, I didn’t die or forget about you, in case that was what you were thinking about my long absence from writing my Capstone series.  No, forgetfulness and death would only be minor obstacles to keep me from my task of documenting the process of successfully completing a Capstone Experience at Commonwealth Honors College. What’s really been holding me up is the actual Capstone Experience.

Surprise, surprise, this project is a lot of work!  You might have known that already, but it’s a... Read More
Guys, don’t be like me.   Be organized and on top of things.  Write your Capstone proposal in the spring before your senior year.  You know what, write it in the fall.  Write it when you’re a freshman.  Whatever you do, don’t write it on the Thursday the weekend before the last day of add/drop.     Wow, that’s an embarrassing thing to admit to the whole internet.     Please don’t judge me, Commonwealth Honors College Community of Really Awesome and Organized and Prepared Scholars (that’s our long-form name,... Read More
As you might have noticed if you were walking through the Campus Center on April 27, the 18th annual Massachusetts Statewide Undergraduate Research Conference was in full swing.  I was lucky enough this year to be able to put some time aside and visit it, and I was definitely impressed by what I saw.   Even though I’m a junior this year, I had never attend the Conference before and I was not sure what to expect.  I guess my only real excuse for not having attended in the past was that I a) wasn’t really sure what... Read More
I mentioned in my blog post about course selection that one of my recommendations for choosing courses is to stalk professors.  I know, that sounded just as weird here as it did there. Really what I mean is that it’s beneficial to take lots of classes with professors who have taught classes you’ve enjoyed in the past.  If you like an introductory level class with a professor, you’ll probably like their upper levels as well.  Really, you can’t go wrong. Where this following professors around thing really comes in... Read More
If you’re like me, the word “capstone” could easily be synonymous with “enigma.”  What is this thing that everyone talks about?  What does it look like? What is it about?  Of course, it’s all very well to talk about a “comprehensive, research-intensive thesis or project of original scholarship,” but what does that mean?  What kind of things should I be thinking about when I get started, who should I be talking to, what kind of things should I write about?     In an effort to begin to demystify the Capstone... Read More
A little before the start of the semester, my friend Maddy Bonnanzio wrote a great post about how college years fly by too fast.     This entry, though humorously written in typical Maddy style, filled me terror.   JUNIOR YEAR IS ALMOST OVER.  I’VE PRACTICALLY GRADUATED.   Right now you’re asking, aren’t you overreacting a little bit?  Spring semester just started, you still have basically three semesters left of college.     To which I reply, yeah, ONLY THREE SEMESTERS.  UNTIL I HAVE TO GET A... Read More


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