In my International Journalism class this past week, we had to choose a story that caught our attention and bring it into class. One angle my professor said we could take was looking for stories that we thought were not getting enough attention. I took this angle, and it brought me to the Sudan protests. As someone who reads the news religiously every morning, it is surprising that I am still shocked that major news from certain parts of the world is so systematically excluded from our media. The protests in... Read More
This past weekend asylum seekers from Central and South America faced tear gas from American authorities as they tried to cross the U.S.-Mexican border. It has been hard for me to figure out what’s really happening because so much focus has been on Trump’s rhetoric instead of the people themselves. Here are some points that have helped me get a grasp on the situation (taken from the articles at the bottom): The U.S. cannot get rid of its legal obligation to accept asylum seekers, but the process can be delayed/... Read More
Ryan’s Question: What’s the role politics play on campus? Are there ever situations where it becomes a taboo topic, or is it always something that people are expressive about? Amberly’s Answer: Colleges do appear to be the most political sphere in our society, don’t they? With protests scattered throughout the week and speakers frequently coming to campus to give lectures on all sorts of topics, college provides numerous attitudes for one to “get political.” That being said, I... Read More
It feels weird to write a blog this week on campus activism that is not related to the two racist incidents that happened on campus, so I would like to touch on what happened and what is being done. The racist incidents, which I am sure most students have heard about already, occurred on this campus. In the first, an anonymous tip was reported to the UMass police about an “agitated black male,” when the person being referred to was actually an employee walking to work. In the second incident, “hang Melville n... Read More
For college students who need to send in an absentee ballot to vote, you can find your application for one and instructions here. Read about the important questions on the upcoming ballot here.  For those debating voting: As a political science major, I have been trying to split my focus between what I am learning in class about politics and what is happening in the real political world all the time. It has been a weird (interesting) experience learning about politics while so much is happening in the political... Read More
Over break, I met a taxi driver who is licensed to work as a pharmacist. A taxi driver… Licensed as a pharmacist. Does that make sense to anyone? A grown man with a degree was working as an Uber driver in Florida. Why? Because every job he applied to in the state required that he already have at least a year of work experience in a pharmacy. How was he supposed to get that experience? Through an internship program which, like 90 percent of all internships, was not paid or paid less than minimum wage. He was... Read More
I’ve discovered that it takes trying something to determine whether you truly hate it or not. I have a vast array of interests and the myriad of possibilities (especially in career choices) has nearly rendered me paralyzed. There are so many options that I don’t know where to begin and, when I’m about to pursue something, I wonder if I’m making the wrong choice and should chase something else. For example: I have been toying with the idea of getting involved in the government and public policy for a few years... Read More
  Since arriving at college, I have gradually slipped into a daily routine that makes me as grumpy as Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Every morning, after bargaining with my alarm for as long as possible, I read the news and aimlessly rant about it to my friends—before heading to class, where I vent about it some more. I’ve been told that I’m not the best in the morning (the actual words my roommate used were “terrifying” and “mean”), and this probably has as much to do with the news as it does with the... Read More
As you may have noticed, climate change has decided to drop by for a visit and screw with everyone. Last week, we were waking to temperatures in the 50s, gliding mists vanishing like ghosts in the morning light. By lunch time, we were looking at 72 degrees and folks taking out their frisbees and crop-tops. This week decided that it’s going to stick with a theme and that is “Mid September,” a.k.a. “Unpleasant.” Personally, I rather enjoy the rain, especially when it’s this warm. It feels … cleansing.... Read More
Ryan’s Question: How many people do you meet that say that college was the best four years of their life? Amberly’s Answer: If I’ll be one hundred percent honest, not a lot — in terms of people closer to my age, at least. A lot of the time, whenever I hear the words “college was the best four years of my life,” it’s from people our parents’ age. Those are the people who tend to talk to me the most about college. I’m not sure a whole lot of my fellow students see it as the “best four years of their life.” This is... Read More


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