Happy Veteran’s Day! For those of us with friends or family who’ve been in the armed forces, this is a wonderful day to reflect upon their noble sacrifices and the politics that sometimes forced them to make those sacrifices needlessly. For just about everyone else though, it’s an excuse to relax. Hey, everyone needs a break, so I’m not about to judge. I just hope that the people I’m seeing with the bags under their eyes aren’t feeling their hangovers too acutely. It’s college, so when you hear you’ve got the next... Read More
Ever had a sense of déjà vu? You know, when you’ve got the feeling that you’ve experienced something already, though you’re sure you haven’t? They can certainly be entertaining, but more often than not I find them alarming.

They usually recall some memory from years ago and I’m struck by how much time has passed and by how vivid the memory is still. My old man talks about when he gets those moments except that, instead of the fifth anniversary of my first breakup, he’s talking about the fiftieth... Read More
Welcome to the second half of the semester, or as we should call it, the best time of year to have an unlimited meal plan. Halloween may be over, but it was just the kickoff to the holiday eating season.   My weekend started Friday, when my roommates and I opened up our Halloween pinata filled with Reese’s, M&M's, and Milky Ways. We didn’t have it in us to hit him with the bat, but we had no problem eating all the candy inside.  Saturday morning, my aunt and uncle drove out here to see me, all the way from... Read More
Oh the Places You'll Go... After all this cold, gloomy weather, the slight increase in temperature this week means spring really is on its way. As I pull out my lighter jackets and put away my hat and gloves, I begin to really enjoy how much this area has to offer when looking to get outside and enjoy nature. Now, I would definitely not describe myself as “outdoorsy” and I often find myself envious of those UMass students adventurous to go on the many trips provided by the Outing Club. However, I still find... Read More
This St. Patrick's Day, we are feeling lucky to be Minutemen because:             1. The Pioneer Valley is amazing...not to mention the sunsets are picture perfect.       2. My professors care about my success.       3. The food isn't just campus food good, its good good.       4. You can actually see stars at night.       5. You’re not limited to classes on campus or even in the country.       6. The Rec Center is pretty awesome (... Read More
Oh the Places You'll Go... If there is one thing I love more than exploring the pioneer valley on my own, it is sharing these experiences with my family.  We have built our own mini-family vacations a few times a year when my Mom and sisters visit. It just so happens that Amherst is a perfect meeting spot for my Mom and younger sister to drive out from Hamilton, MA and for my older sister who is a Ph.D. student to drive down from Syracuse, NY.   Unfortunately my Dad usually gets left behind to watch my 12 and 4... Read More
Oh the Places You'll Go... My first concert: I'm eight years old, standing alongside my older sister on top of white folding chairs, craning my neck to see above the rows of heads to the stage where Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer of The Cranberries, is crooning away. My dad’s head bobbing along to the music just below me, laughs as his daughters eagerly soak in the experience of seeing music live for the first time.   Ever since this moment, I have been drawn to see live music and have been... Read More
Kate,   It was awesome getting to see you guys last weekend! A full day on the slopes and then family pizza night in Northampton, what more could a girl ask for?    I know it’s a very old saying that home is not necessarily a place but a person – or in our case, a whole lot of people – but it’s only been since coming to college that I’ve realized how true that is.   When I’m getting homesick, it can be as easily remedied by a visit from you guys as it can be by a trip home.  It’s weird, but sometimes at school it... Read More
Kate,   When is the last time you guys went to school? I swear every time I’ve gone on Facebook I see statuses about another snow day in Scituate. They’re a lot more fun as a senior when you don’t have to make them up at the end of the year, aren’t they?   As I write this I’m checking snowdaycalculator.com for UMass, and the chances aren’t good. We already had Monday off and a delay Tuesday, it’s hard to ask for more.   Anyway, please sing your most obnoxious rendition of “Happy Birthday” to Christine for me! I’m... Read More
Kate,   Due to unavoidable scheduling issues, I now have to wake up before the sun in order to get to the gym. I get it, high school students and full time workers do it every day, it’s just getting my college student internal clock to readjust has been rough to say the least.   It’s only 10 a.m. as I’m writing this and I’m already ready for a nap, but before I run for coffee I have an important point for you: as you decide where you want to end up next year (highly) consider going somewhere with a nice gym.  ... Read More


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