I always knew I wanted to help people find their voice. So naturally, I entered college as a Communication Disorders major so I could eventually become a speech therapist, and literally help people find their voice. It seemed like the only logical option at the time.   I remember taking classes in departments like education, kinesiology, psychology, writing, theatre, social justice and gender studies and I loved them! Two years passed, and I realized that my personal goal to help people find their... Read More
In May of 2012, I finally discovered the cause for the stomach aches that had haunted me for the past five years. I was gluten intolerant. I finally put the pieces together after reading the book, “Wheat Belly,” and after eliminating gluten from my diet, I felt like a new person. While I was thrilled that I now knew a way that I could stop my stomach from hurting after every meal, I was also overwhelmed in how I was supposed to take on the challenge of eating entirely gluten-free.   The diagnoses of gluten... Read More
For many of us, college is a huge transition and sometimes that transition invokes excitement and for some… well, not so much. Some of us are brand new to the college lifestyle, while many others are seasoned veterans, but whether you are a first year or a senior, there are definitely ways to make sure that you stay healthy and happy while at school.   For me, the key to success in school has been to keep healthy, both physically and emotionally. We have reached that time in the semester when exams start coming... Read More
Public health is one of the fastest growing majors on campus, but one of the most frequently asked questions I receive when I say I am a public health major is: So what is public health?   According to the ‘What is Public Health’ website developed by the Association of Schools of Public Health, public health is "the science and art of protecting and improving the health of communities through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and research for disease and injury prevention. Public health helps to improve... Read More
October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, and if you walked through the library at all you probably noticed the strings of origami cranes hanging in the west side of the lobby.  The original cranes were folded by Commonwealth Honors College students two years ago.  I was one of the crane folders my freshman year when Dean Clarkson suggested the project to the Student Advisory Board.     The idea of the project is based on the Japanese legend that the folder of one thousand cranes will be granted a wish,... Read More


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