(co-authored by Marie MacCune and Hannah Depin)  Have you heard the good news? UMass has given us the whole week of Thanksgiving off instead of just two measly days! Can you believe it? Find out how to make the most out of your Thanks-cation...and ignore the fact finals go right up till Christmas. 1. Do your laundry...for free. I know you’ve been wearing those socks since Halloween. 2.   Catch up with friends from home and catch up on all that small town gossip. You know you’re not above it. 3.  Do the homework... Read More
It's almost Thanksgiving break, and not a moment too soon! I am so, so ready for a whole week off to sleep in, catch up on everything I've fallen behind in, and eat lots and lots of food.  When I get busy, I tend to get super scattered and absent-minded, so I've had more than a few funny bumps in the road this semester. Last week I was sitting on the couch when a Google Calendar notification popped up on my phone that I'd completely forgotten about. "I'm supposed to be at the Campus Center in five minutes!" I... Read More
Kate, Today the property management company that owns my apartment complex is coming to do three different showings of our apartment. Isn’t it crazy there are already people looking to sign over our lease in June? I swear, it was last month that Diana and I were frantically trying to get all the paperwork notarized to secure some housing for this year. As the semester picks up its rapid descent towards Christmas, are you making sure you’re doing things besides just homework? I know, I know. That’s rich coming from... Read More
Kate, It’s finally here: election day and cold and flu season. What a one, two punch combination to start the beginning of the end of the semester. Are you staying positive? I know that it isn’t always easy. So that’s what I wanted to talk about today. Taking care of yourself. To be honest this is more of a how to not let the semester kill you than a take care of the whole person and put your health first letter. We’ll sleep when we’re dead, right? First and foremost, fingers crossed that after tonight election... Read More
You’ve probably heard half a million singers and poets say that they’d die for their significant other. Thing is, with some rare exceptions, there’s almost never a need to catch a grenade for someone or otherwise jeopardize your safety, no matter what Bruno Mars says. Between watching my parents and analyzing my own failings in my short-lived relationships, I’ve finally realized that love and romance in general aren’t about big, life-changing moments. There aren’t going to be many times when your boyfriend loses... Read More
You know how some people just seem to be born leaders? They always make the right call, people follow them without question, and when things get hot they keep their cool.

I’ve been around a few of them. I’m sure most of us have. And to be totally honest, I wanted to be like that. I wanted to be accepted and looked up to and, more than anything, I wanted to be right. Well, I got the accepted part and some amount of respect, but there came a point when every decision I made was the wrong one. If I chose... Read More
Kate, I struggled to write my letter this week. Right now, I feel all out of advice. In fact, I feel like I could use all the advice. Senior year, what a terrifying time. When I tried to think about topics I’ve yet to cover, I realized I’ve only ever complained about my thesis. Not discussed it. Maybe this will help you get started when the time comes or stop someone from spiraling into a panic like I did. Then again, I think panic is part of the process. My thesis story starts second semester last year, when I... Read More
Kate, Since later today I’ll be attending a networking event, I figure it's an appropriate enough topic for this letter. Let’s be honest here, networking is wildly intimidating and downright hard. You, a lowly undergraduate, are expected to make connections with professionals living out your dream career. Framed that way, yeah, it seems nearly impossible. But it doesn't have to be. In my time at UMass I’ve found that this school does an incredible job of providing ample networking opportunities to its students.... Read More
If you haven’t noticed, my father’s kind of a history geek. Must be where I get it from. Anyhow, we were talking about how much of a circus this presidential election is and he mentioned a concept that a man named Joseph Goebbels came up with in the ‘30s.

Pretty much the idea is that if you lie copiously and vary the lies every time, then the fact-checkers can’t keep up.

Something we might’ve noticed from climate change deniers and rumors about My Chemical Romance getting back together is... Read More
Kate, This week I’m focusing on completing tasks. Simple, right? I wish. Now that we’ve hit the mid-semester mark (I know, shocking), I’m making this week a "power week" to get through all of the assignments I have to do and everything else I’ve been keeping on the back burner. We both know the second half of this semester absolutely flies as we head into holiday season and all around cold weather hibernation mode. We gotta stay on our game. The first thing of course is prioritization. This is the one that really... Read More


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