Kate,   I started slurring my words during the News meeting this week. No, I wasn’t drunk. Just extremely tired. This Sunday marked my first all-nighter of the semester. Making it to midterms before having to pull one isn’t too shabby, right? I certainly wish I hadn’t had to pull one at all.   I got back from editing the Collegian around 1 a.m. and sat down at the kitchen table in my apartment to start the work I didn’t do over spring break. I like to think I had a good excuse, you know? I was working on LSAT prep... Read More
 Kate,   I signed a lease for my off-campus apartment last weekend! I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I am to know that I have somewhere to live next year. This process has been a long one. Starting with a ridiculous Google spreadsheet between Diana and I, and ending with the fastest signing of a document I’ve ever seen mom and dad do. Just a heads up, this is going to be a long one.   As I’m sure you’ve realized with the start of the on-campus housing lottery, finding a place to live – at UMass and in the... Read More
Both of my brothers have always had a talent for sports, while I was more of a coloring, tea party-planning kind of kid. My family still teases me about the time in kindergarten I came home from tee-ball practice on the verge of tears, furious because “all we ever do at that place is play tee-ball!”   Still, my family’s love for sports has always inspired me to try new things. Last November, when my brother Tim announced he was running the Boston Marathon in April, I was ecstatic and really proud. And then,... Read More
Kate, So you got into the Honors College – remember when you said you wanted to walk down an entirely different path than me? Just kidding, nursing is an entire world apart from political science and legal studies. Besides, I can’t blame you for wanting a chance at the beautiful honors dorms and to write a thesis. In all honesty, I’m very excited for you and very proud. Once again, you’ve done good kid.   What’s next? You’ve already texted me this morning asking where the CHC Events Hall is, so I’m guessing you... Read More
I credit/blame my father for introducing me to anime. When I was in the third grade, he rented an amazing film called “Spirited Away” by Hayao Miyazaki and I was instantly hooked. I afterward became increasingly engrossed in anime and I think he’s regretted it ever since.

I was a socially inept bookworm as a kid. I might as well have had a target painted on my forehead for the local delinquents. By the time junior high rolled around, my best friend had moved, some personal issues drove me to further... Read More
(Co-authored by Emily King, Emily Esten, and Hannah Depin) 1. When you hear this comment, for the 1,000th time... Relative: So...how are things out at “Zoo Mass?” You: …   2. When someone asks about your summer plans...   Aunt: So, you must have an internship lined up by now, right? You: Yeah...sort of.   3. When nobody gets Western Mass...       4. When someone complains about #Raceto2016 coverage...   You: Did you watch the recent debate? Uncle: I don’t follow politics anymore, I don’t trust... Read More
Day 37 of Midterms: I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as “Midterms Week.” It’s all a lie to make us feel better and encourage us to trudge ahead! There was a series of intense weeks in October and the assessments have not since ceased. I’ve got it pretty easy compared to some of my friends who are still getting multiple exams in a day, but this was supposed to end! I can feel the madness creeping upon us! I think we’re going to burst if we don’t escape this whirlpool of papers and tests!... Read More
If you open my family's kitchen cabinets, you'll see that the top shelf is sagging, the thin wooden board starting to bend beneath the weight of two dozen or so cookbooks. I've collected them since middle school, and built up a library that spans from Julia Child to Rachel Ray.   But as much as I love to read about other people's cooking, the best and most important things I've learned about food have come from my mom. When I was little, I would drag a chair up to the kitchen counter and stand on it to watch her... Read More
Happy Veteran’s Day! For those of us with friends or family who’ve been in the armed forces, this is a wonderful day to reflect upon their noble sacrifices and the politics that sometimes forced them to make those sacrifices needlessly. For just about everyone else though, it’s an excuse to relax. Hey, everyone needs a break, so I’m not about to judge. I just hope that the people I’m seeing with the bags under their eyes aren’t feeling their hangovers too acutely. It’s college, so when you hear you’ve got the next... Read More
Welcome to the second half of the semester, or as we should call it, the best time of year to have an unlimited meal plan. Halloween may be over, but it was just the kickoff to the holiday eating season.   My weekend started Friday, when my roommates and I opened up our Halloween pinata filled with Reese’s, M&M's, and Milky Ways. We didn’t have it in us to hit him with the bat, but we had no problem eating all the candy inside.  Saturday morning, my aunt and uncle drove out here to see me, all the way from... Read More


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