Honors Colloquia are weekly discussion seminars or laboratory sessions that augment standard 2- and 3-credit university courses and provide students with more focused study of the course content.

There are two types of honors colloquia: concurrent and subsequent.

Concurrent Honors Colloquium

A concurrent honors colloquium is a faculty-generated, one-credit honors experience that enriches a non-honors root course. This colloquium occurs in the same semester as the root course.

The colloquium is identified by the standard course number with the suffix “HH” (e.g., ECON 103HH). The “HH” colloquium course combines the number of credits of the root course plus one-credit, and incorporates all the course attributes of both the root course (e.g., Gen Ed designation) and the honors add-on. Students enrolled in the "HH" course will appear only on the "HH" course roster, and faculty must submit one final grade that combines both the root course and the honors colloquium component. 

To set up a concurrent honors colloquium:

Subsequent Honors Colloquium

A subsequent honors colloquium is for students who have taken the non-honors root course in a previous semester and want to enroll in an additional 1- or 2-credit discussion seminar or laboratory to enrich the root course.

  • The subsequent colloquium must specify the prerequisite that the student has completed the root course with a grade of B or higher.
  • The colloquium course number must end with a suffix “91H”.
  • The colloquium can carry no more than 2 credits.

To set up a subsequent honors colloquium:

Honors Section of Existing Course

To create an honors version of a standard university course requires adding an honors section of the existing course. The honors section should be a 3-or-more-credit course taught at the honors level with an enrollment capacity of no more than 25. Such courses end in a single “H” suffix (e.g., ANTH 104H). These courses are intensive and the small class size allows for greater interaction among the students as well as between the instructor and the students. To add an honors version of 3 credits or more, an honors section should be proposed.

To set up an honors section:

Propose a New Honors Course