Greek Civilization - Historical cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary approach to the origins of Western Civilization in the form of a survey of ancient Greek literature, art and history, with emphasis on archaeological remains and on surviving literature. Attention will be paid to the development of Greek Society from the Mycenacan and Minoan periods through the archaic period (c 200-450 BC). The expansion of Greek culture and its political, social, and cultural development through contacts with the Near East (esp. Egypt, Babylonia, and Persia) and its interaction with developing cultures in the west (esp. the Etruscans, Italy, and Sicily). Three essay and identification exams; individual research projects (resulting into two papers); a class visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (and/or the Metropolitan Museum, New York City); and class participation. Please note that this class requires regular attendance, as the material presented in the lectures will not be found in the assigned readings. This course requires heavy reading and memorization.