In principle, everyone likes farms and forests (and “the environment”) least they say they do. In practice, as evidenced by continuing loss or degradation of forest and farm land and acceleration of climate change, there is plenty of room for improvement at the local, regional, national, and global scale. In fact, as we strain the ecological limits of this fragile Earth, our island home, and the cumulative impact of ~330,000,000 Americans comes more clearly into view, it would be more accurate to say there is a conservation and sustainability imperative. So, how can we live more sustainably? Who can we look to for guidance and encouragement? The writers, thinkers, practitioners, and leaders listed below will help us to clarify our values, refine our attitudes, develop our communication skills, and sustain conscious actions. By the end of our seminar I hope that you will be: (1) inspired by their ideas and insights, (2) more attuned to the co-evolution of nature, culture, and place (sensu Orion), and (3) highly motivated to keep learning and leading by example.
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