The course will provide an overview of the emerging crisis of water scarcity and conflicts throughout the earth system. Using case studies throughout the world, students will learn about the nature, distribution, institutions, and conflicts related to water resources. Each class will involve a mix of video discussion, brain storming, short lecture, and exercises. Students will be able to share ideas and interact with others through a course website and in class rooms. The course is of interdisciplinary interest and provides a unique opportunity to learn and interact with students from a variety of majors. Grading will be based on weekly blogs that students complete on the topic learned in each week and a final presentation. The presentation will be a particular case selected by the student. The main objective of the course is to provide a scientific basis for understanding the water crisis and strategies to handle current and emerging water issues. Topics that will be covered include water cycle, international rivers, floods, droughts, aquifers, contamination, sewage, water harvesting, compacts, policies, and conservation.
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