You undoubtedly know YouTube or Wikipedia. But have you heard of other phrases like “Open Source Software,” Open Education,” “Open Source Science,” or the “Maker Movement” and “Makerspaces”? These all are examples of “Knowledge Commons” and “Commons-based Peer Production” (CBPP). In this seminar, we will discuss these concepts. We will then turn to sessions specifically focused on: (1) Open Source Software; (2) Wikipedia; (3) Open Education and Open Access; (4) Open Source Science (e.g.,; and throughout the course we will be working collaboratively on a live real-world emerging global CBPP case called “Outernet” ( Perhaps in this honors class, we can change the world (seriously!). In this class you will learn about: (1) The idea of Commons-Based Peer Production (CBPP), which, as legal scholar Yochai Benkler calls “the most significant organizational innovation that has emerged from Internet-mediated social practice” (2) Intellectual property, patents, copyright and the key idea of ‘Copyleft’; (3)Key cases of CBPP (listed above); and, (4)You will participate in the VERY early days of an emerging CBPP, called Outernet. Here we will try and provide open access educational material to schools in the country Malawi in Africa, where they have little or no access to the Internet.
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