Honors 499C (Fall), section 3, and 499S (Spring)

6 credits, 2 semesters


A Commonwealth Honors College Capstone Course. Also open to IT Minors who are not in the Honors College.


Course Meeting Time

Fall 2012
Tuesday 4:00pm - 6:30pm


Course Description

This two-semester, 6-credit course is designed to give you Community Service Learning experience applying computer/ IT skills to community organizing for social change with non-profit partner organizations. This course engages students in mutually beneficial community partnerships, organizing seniors from any major into multi-disciplinary teams to address real world community needs through technology. The multi-faceted projects are determined by each team in conjunction with the assigned partner organization, based on the skills of the team members and the needs of the organization. They could include customized databases, web sites, web-based content management systems, digital storytelling and more.


In this course you will utilize and advance your existing technology skills, enhance your community awareness and self-awareness, build skills in team work, needs assessment, initiative, formal and informal communication, project and time management, analysis and problem solving.  



The Information Technology Capstone is open to seniors who are IT Minors and/or Commonwealth Honors College students.


For Commonwealth Honors College students, this course fulfills the Capstone Experience requirement.


For IT Minors, this course fulfills one broadened inquiry and one elective requirement (or can be counted as two electives).


How to Enroll

You cannot register for this course on SPIRE. If you are interested in this course, please contact the instructor, Carol Soules (csoules@honors.umass.edu), for a short application. SPIRE number 81635.


Instructor Information

Carol Soules