Curriculum Overview

Commonwealth Honors College encourages students to develop broad perspectives and engage in deep analysis through its four-year curriculum which begins with General Studies (GS) and concludes with Advanced Scholarship (AS). Select the appropriate link below to view the curriculum requirements or to compare the CHC sub plans.

CHC Curriculum Requirements*                       CHC Sub Plan Comparison Chart

*Students who were previously admitted to CHC should meet with a CHC advisor to review the curriculum requirements in effect at the time of their admission.

General Studies

The first portion of the honors curriculum focuses on honors breadth of study through which Commonwealth Honors College students build the skills and knowledge to grapple with both the timeless issues of humanity and the current dilemmas facing our culture. An added benefit of these honors courses is that they encourage interaction among  talented students with a wide variety of disciplinary interests.


Honors students take a variety of honors general studies courses, including  College Writing 112H; Honors 201: Ideas that Change the World; and Honors 391A: Topics (1-credit seminars taught by the University's research faculty).


Advanced Scholarship

Usually during the sophomore year, honors students decide how they would like to pursue honors advanced scholarship—most pursue Departmental Honors through their major, others combine honors study in two or more disciplines through Multidisciplinary Honors.  Regardless of how honors students focus their coursework, all contribute original knowledge through their honors theses and projects.


Departmental Honors (DH) tracks are available in most majors. They are recommended for students who wish to undertake advanced research within their major, especially those who intend to pursue graduate study in the discipline of their major. Criteria for admission to and requirements for completion of Departmental Honors vary by department.


See our web section on Departmental Honors for details on specific DH tracks.


Multidisciplinary Honors (MH) is an Advanced Scholarship track within Commonwealth Honors College that allows highly motivated honors students the opportunity to design honors programs of study outside of their major or between their major and other disciplines.  


Learn how to earn Multidisciplinary Honors.


Note:  MH is a program of study within Commonwealth Honors College; it is not a replacement for a major. Advanced Scholarship students interested in designing their own multidisciplinary major do not complete the MH track; they should instead seek admission to the Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration (BDIC) major and pursue the BDIC Department's DH Track.


Honors Thesis or Project

For comprehensive information see our web section on the Honors Thesis or Project.