Multidisciplinary Honors (MH) is an advanced scholarship program within Commonwealth Honors College (CHC) that allows highly motivated honors students the opportunity to propose programs of study outside their major(s) or between two or more disciplines.  Note: All MH students must complete the requirements of a major by the time they graduate; the major need not be part of the MH program of study.

Requirements: The program of multidisciplinary study must prepare the student to complete a honors thesis or project in the senior year. Minimally, it must include two honors courses, at least one of which must be at or above the 300 level, and a 6-or more-credit thesis or project.  (Note:  the two honors courses may not be honors courses already used to satisfy other CHC requirements.) 

Faculty guidance is a critical component of the Multidisciplinary Honors program. Prospective MH students are encouraged to be proactive by contacting and meeting with multiple faculty mentors in order to plan and complete Multidisciplinary Honors. Important! By April of the junior year, MH students need to identify how they will complete their honors thesis or project. We recommend that you prepare in two ways 1) review the Honors Course Guide for multidisciplinary Honors Thesis and Project Seminars and 2) have a back-up plan for a possible independently-contracted thesis (in case the seminar that interests you overenrolls or is not offered due, for example, to a sabbatical leave).