Departmental Honors: Admitting Students to DH

Honors Program Directors have several options for authorizing a student's admission to the Departmental Honors (DH) track.  The options are determined by a student's membership status in the Commonwealth Honors College (CHC).

Students who are not currently members of CHC

These students must apply to Commonwealth Honors College and your DH track by using the online application process.  

You can then review their application materials and indicate your admission decision within the online application review process.

Students who are currently members of CHC

You may authorize admission of these students to your DH track by either:


  • signing the hardcopy "Honors Subplan Designation Form," hand carried by the student to you and returned to our office
    Example of the form:

    (Note: the yellow highlight appears only in the example above, to indicate the row which will require your attention. )


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Departmental Honors: Admitting Students to DH | Commonwealth Honors College


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