What is an ePosterboard?

It is a digital presentation solution, which includes a large format flat panel HD display screen and computer to run your presentation


Example ePoster:




• PowerPoint.

• ePoster templates are available for download on our website:



• Please bring your presentation on a flash drive


Recommended font size: 28pt or larger
• Slide/Poster size: 40.97x23.04

• Single or Multiple pages slides/may be used for poster.

• Multiple slides/pages should be used if there is additional content, images, graphs
  and videos that needs to be displayed on your poster.

• If multiple pages are used, slides/pages need to either be timed or the “mouse
   click” option should be chosen for each slide/page to advance.

• Videos, animations, graphs and images can be embedded into your poster.

• Embedded video may be displayed in the following formats:

      .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .avi, mpeg

• Layout can either be in landscape or portrait. Please let us know which layout option   
   you will be using prior to the event


Click here for more information: http://eposterboards.com