You can make a difference this year with your current gift. When you build an endowment you make a difference in perpetuity. To create an endowment, you make a gift which is held as principal by the University of Massachusetts Foundation. A portion of the interest is spent each year for the purpose you have designated. Foundation policies are designed to increase the value of the endowment so that the actual spending power of your fund grows over time.

You can create and name an endowment to benefit students or academic programs. Endowed funds range from $25,000 to several million dollars, which may be paid over 3-5 years. Endowments are most frequently funded through cash or securities, but can also be established through gifts of property, insurance, retirement assests, or bequest.

Student Endowment

Endowed scholarships provide funds every year to be used for student scholarships. Scholarships may be designed to ensure that deserving students are financially able to attend the university, or they may be designed to encourage and reward outstanding academic performance. Scholarships are applied directly toward students' UMass Amherst bills. What scholarships do we offer?

Academic Program Endowment

Endowed funds enable Commonwealth Honors College to enrich students' academic experience by creating new courses and programs and bringing distinguished speakers to campus.

See the endowment scholarships that Commonwealth Honors College offers to honors students.

For more information, please contact:
Meredith Feltus, Director of Development & External Relations
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