Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 5:45pm to 7:00pm
504 Goodell, Honors Lounge

"The average American farmer produces enough food for 155 people. This is a statistic that is becoming well known, but the problem is we, as consumers, know very little about farmers. We all have opinions about the food we eat, how it is raised, what it is fed and how it is killed. Yet we know very little about the people producing that same food. The American farmer is a tireless worker who works from dawn until dusk, and rarely sees a raise in pay. They are simply trying to do the same as everyone else; to provide food for their families, a roof over their heads and send their kids to college. The American farmer of today is very different than that of 50 years ago. On the outside he might still look similar, clothed in overalls and boots, but inside he is different. Most farmers today are college educated, many even with advanced degrees. They use GPS and imagery technology to analyze their fields and track their livestock. Yet in spite of all these advances, their practices are still determined by the purchasing choices each of us makes. Thus, although you may not think you are directly involved in farming, each of us does make a difference in American agriculture. " - Nancy Malcuit


UMass alum Nancy Malcuit is a professor in the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. She also serves as faculty advisor for Belted Galloway Student Group, a group that allows students to gain experience with managing beef cattle. At Cyagra, Inc. in Worcester, Malcuit used nuclear transfer to clone cattle embryos, and at Westover Animal Hospital in Chicopee, she has worked as a veterinary technician.

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