Eligibility to Present

While the conference is organized and takes place on the UMass Amherst campus, the conference is designed to support undergraduate students from ALL 28 public higher education institutions in Massachusetts. To view the list of those schools, click here.

In addition:

  • Students can be in any year of their undergraduate education
  • Students can be in honors programs or part of the general educational programs
  • Students who graduated in December 2018 but would like to present from work completed in Fall 2018 and have a faculty sponsor

Your research does not need to be complete in order to participate in the conference. You may give a presentation at any point in the research process. However, your faculty sponsor must support you presenting a work-in-progress since they are responsible for approving your abstract.

Yes, you may present research you conducted using secondary sources. However, your faculty sponsor must support you in this research methodology since they are responsible for approving your abstract. For our requirements, you do not need to have personally designed the research project. However, you do need to be the person conducting the research. Additionally, whichever faculty member is advising you for this project should be the faculty sponsor. Faculty sponsors only need to review, provide feedback, and approve abstracts electronically, so they need not be on or near campus to fulfill this role (i.e. they can be on sabbatical).

Registration & Login

  1. Go to the login page: MassURC login
  2. If you are automatically logged in, then log out
  3. Click on the “Forgot Password” button
  4. Drop in your email address
  5. Go to the automated email sent to you
  6. Click on the ”Change my password” link
  7. Drop in a new password and submit

Because there are many majors currently available in the system, we strongly suggest you choose the closest match. If you do not see one that closely aligns with your major, please submit your request through the online system.

Please email us at conference@honors.umass.edu to request the change. If you ARE required to present, please also provide us with the course information.

We created this user-friendly system in order to manage over 1,200 participating students and nearly 1,000 proposals each year for the conference. The only way we have the ability to successfully accept and schedule on this scale event is through a system that provides streamlined tracking and accountability at all stages. We appreciate you taking the time to register, review, and approve your student’s abstract. If you have any questions or need assistance, we are happy to help!

Submitting Your Abstract

It’s important to know that changes to the abstract submission can only be made when your abstract status is “In Progress” or “Needs Revisions.If the abstract is “Under Review” then you will need to contact your faculty sponsor to indicate your interest in making changes. If your abstract is “Approved,” please contact conference@honors.umass.edu. We cannot guarantee that any changes can be made after the final approval deadline: March 1.

While the system allows presenters to change from “Individual” to “Group” when the abstract status is “In Progress” or “Needs Revisions,” it will not allow the reverse. This is because group members may be connected to the abstract and could create glitches in the system or cause confusion for group members. If you need to make a change in presentation type and cannot make the change yourself, please contact conference@honors.umass.edu.

We have developed the system to include a wide range of choices for area of study. We strongly suggest you choose the closest match. If you do not see one that aligns reasonably with your major, please submit your request through the online system. We will take your request into consideration, but it is infrequent to get approval on the request for new area of study to be added.

We appreciate your eagerness to give multiple presentations. However, due to the vast number of presentations each year, we typically allow one presentation per person at the conference. If you are required to do a second presentation, contact conference@honors.umass.edu to discuss your options.

If your abstract status is either “In Progress” or “Needs Revisions,” you can log into the system and select another presentation type. The choices are Oral, Poster, ePoster.  If your abstract is any other status, you will need to contact conference@honors.umass.edu for assistance with changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We cannot guarantee that changes can be made to the submitted presentation type after the final approval deadline – March 1

It may be helpful for you to review abstracts from past MassURC conferences, especially looking at those in your area of study. Click here to view electronic program booklets from past years.

Faculty Sponsors

Only one faculty sponsor can be identified in the designated “faculty sponsor” field. You are welcome to identify additional sponsors in the body of your abstract.

You must start and save your abstract before you can invite someone to be your faculty sponsor. Once you save your abstract (even if it is just with “filler” information), you will be able to invite a faculty sponsor. To do this, log into your account and click “My Profile”. This will take you to your profile page where you can start your abstract and invite someone to be your faculty sponsor by either selecting them from the dropdown menu (this means they have already created a user account) or putting in their email address (they are not yet registered). The faculty sponsor will receive an automated email indicating that you have selected them as their sponsor.

You can log into your profile and change your faculty sponsor at any point before you submit your abstract for review. Once your abstract is “Under Review”, you will need to contact us at conference@honors.umass.edu to update the faculty sponsor. Please put “Change Faculty Sponsor” in the subject line and provide us with your name, your abstract title, the new faculty sponsor name and their email address so we can make that change for you as quickly as possible

The faculty sponsor should be a current faculty member from your school who is guiding you in your research.


If you are an eligible student working under the support of a faculty member from another institution, please contact conference@honors.umass.edu for guidance on how to establish them as your faculty sponsor.

While you are encouraged to attend, it is not a requirement of faculty sponsorship.

While we do our best to honor faculty requests, we cannot make any guarantees. Any clustering of presentations needs to be submitted as a request to the Conference Coordinator at conference@honors.umass.edu no later than March 8.

We welcome active participation of faculty sponsors and others in the academic community! Please indicate your interest in serving as a session chair, including the name of your student(s), to conference@honors.umass.edu, and we will confirm the availability to chair that their scheduled session(s).

While the office for MassURC is on the UMass-Amherst campus, MassURC is a program that serves all 28 public higher ed institutions. The MassURC system, therefore, is a stand-alone online program and is not connected to any UMass systems.


Group Presentations

If you plan to present together, you need to submit your abstract as a group presentation. One of you needs to register as the group leader (the person who starts & submits the abstract) and the other(s) as group member(s).

  • Group Leaders will have access to view and edit their group’s abstract, area of study, and format of presentation (Oral, Poster, or ePoster). Group leaders must register before group members.
  • Group members will have access to view and edit only their personal profile. Group members will not be able to edit the group abstract, area of study, and format of presentation (Oral, Poster, or ePoster). However, they will be able view these fields.

Assign someone in the group as the Group Leader/Presenter. The group leader must start the abstract and select the presentation type “Group” in the system. Once the abstracted is started and saved, other group members need to register and then select the associated abstract title from the group member dropdown menu. This prompts an autoreply email to the group leader to accept the person as a group member.

Please make sure the group leader selected the presentation type “Group” and not “Individual.” To check or edit this field, log into your account and click the “My Profile” link. This will take you to your profile page where you can edit your abstract of the status is “In Progress”. Click “edit” in the abstract section. Then click “Format/Category.” Then make the desired adjustments. If you have already submitted your abstract for review, and the abstract format is “Individual” and not “Group”, please contact us at conference@honors.umass.edu

Groups are made up of two or more people. There is no limit on number, but please keep in mind how much physical space (for poster sessions) and time (for oral sessions) you will have to present, as a consideration for your group's size.

The deadline to add group members is March 1. Please contact us ASAP if it is after that date at conference@honors.umass.edu.