By and large, the scholarships and fellowships available through Commonwealth Honors College are for students currently attending the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


Commonwealth Honors College alumni have endowed a variety of scholarships and awards. Selection criteria for most of these scholarships combine financial need and academic merit, and many of the senior awards consider service to the community as well as academic excellence.


The college's fellowship programs build a progression of experiences: Through Research Assistant Fellowships, students gain experience working on a faculty member's research project, helping to prepare them to undertake their own research. The process associated with Honors Research Grants also provides students experience in writing a grant proposal, writing an abstract, preparing to present and disseminating the results of their work at the statewide conference on undergraduate research.


The Citizen Scholars Program offers scholarships and leadership training for students engaged in challenging work linking academics and community outreach. While the International Scholars Program, co-sponsored by Commonwealth Honors College and the International Programs office, prepares students for study abroad and provides limited scholarship assistance. In addition, the college's Office of National Scholarship Advisement assists eligible students applying for prestigious fellowships such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, and Truman Scholarships.